Free Agent Period Quicky approaching

The trade deadline is only a couple weeks away and the Bomber's have made the right moves so far signing Malveux, Cvetcovic, Reid, Walls, Khan just to name a few, not to mention grabbing Lefors from Edmonton. Just hope we can sign Picard and Koch (at the very least), also we can't forget we have Sheridan and maybe Stegall cash available, so we may be able to steal a couple great players after the FA period deadline.

Looks promising so far, i can see a couple re-signings within the next 2 weeks, possibly a trade as well and a couple of Great pick ups after the FA period. Is Nick Setta still available? :wink:

I like the direction we are heading, looks promising so far, we'll see what happens in the next three weeks, keep up the great work Kelly ..... :rockin:

Sorry to re-post again so soon, here is a list of FA'S who are available and have signed as of today, there are alot of interesting prospects the BB's can go after on this list, i'll post soon with my thoughts of who the BB'S should go for (if they are still available) after the FA date:


BRATTON, Brian 85 WR 5.1 185 Furman FREE AGENT
CALVILLO, Anthony 13 QB 6.01 200 Utah State FREE AGENT
CLAYBROOKS, Devone 95 DT 6.03 300 East Carolina FREE AGENT
ESTELLE, Mark 31 CB 5.09 182 Utah State FREE AGENT
FRITZ, Luke 61 OL 6.06 300 Eastern Washington FREE AGENT
GALLANT, Shawn 0 DB 6.01 207 Eastern Kentucky FREE AGENT
IMOH, Mike 21 RB 5.08 190 Virginia Tech FREE AGENT
MUDGE, Dave 67 OT 6.07 305 Michigan State FREE AGENT
SPENCER, Walter 46 DB 5.1 217 Indianapolis FREE AGENT
STALA, Dave 88 SB 6.02 200 Saint Mary's FREE AGENT


DORSEY, Dominique 34 RB 5.07 173 UNLV FREE AGENT
EIBEN, Kevin 35 LB 6 221 Bucknell RE-SIGNED (01/14/09)
FLEMONS, Ronald 99 DE 6.06 265 Texas A&M RE-SIGNED (01/26/09)
FLETCHER, Michael 2 LB 5.1 209 Oregon FREE AGENT
MAYES, Adrian 43 DB 6.01 200 Louisiana State FREE AGENT
PILE, Willie 10 DB 6.02 204 Virginia Tech FREE AGENT


KASHAMA, Alain 7 DL 6.04 270 Michigan FREE AGENT
LUMSDEN, Jesse 28 RB 6.02 230 McMaster FREE AGENT
MARIUZ, Ray 44 LB 6.03 219 McMaster RE-SIGNED (01/21/09)
PIERCY, Jeff 34 RB 6.01 229 Saskatchewan RETIRED (01/14/09)


BELL, Graeme 26 RB 5.11 220 Saskatchewan FREE AGENT
GAUTHIER, Alexandre 66 OL 6.07 325 Laval FREE AGENT
HALL, Cam 40 LB 6.01 220 Boise State FREE AGENT
KOCH, Kyle 61 OL 6.02 315 McMaster FREE AGENT
MAYNE, Shawn 91 DE 6.03 239 Connecticut RE-SIGNED (01/29/09)
O'MEARA, Matt 67 OT 6.05 300 McMaster FREE AGENT
OOSTERHUIS, Jon 77 DL 6.04 266 New Hampshire FREE AGENT
PICARD, Dominic 53 OL 6.02 292 Laval FREE AGENT
REID, Fred 32 RB 5.1 190 Mississippi State RE-SIGNED (01/30/09)
WALLS, Gavin 98 DE 6.2 235 Arkansas RE-SIGNED (01/28/09)


ABOU-MECHREK, Mike 67 OL 6.06 300 Western Ontario FREE AGENT
BOREHAM, Jamie 30 K 5.1 207 Manitoba FREE AGENT
CLOVIS, Tristan 37 DB 6 197 McMaster FREE AGENT
FLICK, D.J. 3 WR 5.09 190 Slippery Rock FREE AGENT
GORDON, Scott 26 DB 5.11 200 Ottawa FREE AGENT
HUGHES, Neal 32 RB 5.1 208 Regina RE-SIGNED (01/20/09)
JANUARY, Glenn 69 OT 6.05 310 Texas Tech FREE AGENT
LLOYD, Maurice 47 LB 5.11 235 Connecticut FREE AGENT
LUCAS, Sean 31 DB 5.11 202 Tulane FREE AGENT
MAKOWSKY, Gene 60 OL 6.03 270 Saskatchewan FREE AGENT
MCCULLOUGH, Mike 45 LB 6.03 226 St. Francis Xavier FREE AGENT
MCKENZIE, Anton 42 LB 5.11 210 Massachusetts FREE AGENT
MITCHELL, Leron 25 DB 6.01 200 Western Ontario FREE AGENT
MORLEY, Steven 63 OL 6.07 322 Saint Mary's FREE AGENT
O'DAY, Jeremy 54 OL 6.03 300 Edinboro RE-SIGNED (02/02/09)


BANNISTER, Calvin 19 DB 5.08 180 Hampton FREE AGENT
BATTLE, Julian 4 DB 6.03 210 Tennessee FREE AGENT
CARPENTER, Dwaine 29 DB 6.02 207 North Carolina A&T FREE AGENT
DALES, Burke 16 P 6.03 225 Concordia FREE AGENT
FREEMAN, Eddie 97 DL 6.05 305 Alabama Birmingham FREE AGENT
GEORGE, Tearrius 77 DE 6.04 270 Kansas St. FREE AGENT
HOWELL, Markus 88 WR 5.11 185 Texas Southern FREE AGENT


GUILLORY, Brandon 42 DE 6.04 250 Louisiana At Monroe (NE) FREE AGENT
McGRATH, Joe 63 OL 6.05 315 Miami FREE AGENT
NOWACKI, Andrew 88 WR 6 198 Murray State FREE AGENT


JIMENEZ, Jason 60 OT 6.06 311 Southern Mississippi FREE AGENT
JOHNSON, Jamall 39 LB 6.01 222 Northwestern State FREE AGENT
KIRK, Matt 93 DL 6.04 250 Queen's FREE AGENT
MURPHY, Rob 56 OL 6.05 310 Ohio State FREE AGENT

This is my take on who the Bombers should keep an eye out when the FA period opens (if available):

OL - FRITZ, Luke 6.06 300 FREE AGENT (MTL)
SB - STALA, Dave 6.02 200 FREE AGENT (MTL)
LB - FLETCHER, Michael 5.10 209 FREE AGENT (T.O)
DB - PILE, Willie 6.02 204 FREE AGENT (T.O)
K/P - BOREHAM, Jamie 5.10 207 FREE AGENT (SK)
WR - FLICK, D.J. 5.09 190 FREE AGENT (SK)
OL - MAKOWSKY, Gene 6.03 270 FREE AGENT (SK)
P/K - DALES, Burke 6.03 225 FREE AGENT (CGY)
OL - McGRATH, Joe 6.05 315 FREE AGENT (EDM)
WR - NOWACKI, Andrew 5.09 198 FREE AGENT (EDM)
OT - JIMENEZ, Jason 6.06 311 FREE AGENT (BC)
OL - MURPHY, Rob 6.05 310 FREE AGENT (BC)

Bombers don't have the cash to grab free agents of any significance.

Housedog are you like this in real life, too? You are always so negative about anything and everything to do with the Bombers.......if this is your real persona, remind me never to go to a party with'd be a drag.

But seriously...........have you been looking at the Bombers' books to know whereof you speak?

Besides..........after (if?) they move Glenn, and who knows any deal may involve other players as well, and depending on what comes the other way, the possibility exists that some substantial money may be available...........

I never asked you to come to any party with me. Their is no money for free agents. So far it appears no one is interested in Glenn. Wake up and deal with reality.

  1. Good, because I won't.

  2. "Their" is no money for free agents? And how do you know this information?

  3. My speculation, and that is all it is, is that Kelly is finding out that the interest in Kevin Glenn is not as high as he had thought it would be.......which is why my speculation is that in the negotiations other players may become involved, and thus free up some money.

I'll gladly deal with reality, as long as you can prove that it is in fact reality, and not just your guess as to how much money the Bombers have available for free agents.

There has been no high profile free agent signings. What does that tell you. The Bombers barely break even or make a very small amount of money from year to year. Last year they lost about 300.000. Even being below the salary cap. Does Bauer have a money tree ?? Shopping Glenn around in the hopes of getting any significant player is wishful at best. Most of the teams have proven QBs. Are we hopeful that Hamilton will want to make a deal. You can bet the farm that O'billovich will not be in any mood to make a deal with us after last year's debacle. He won't want to look stupid a second time. What will we get for Glenn, probably not much. His play last year under valued his worth. That is reality. Not attending a party.

  1. Well the simple reason that there have been no high profile free agent signings is simply because it is only February 3....Free Agency hasn't kicked in yet.......time for you to wake up and consider reality.

  2. I concur that expecting a quality player in return for Glenn is being overly optimistic. That's why I think there may have to be other players involved to make a deal work. Especially as you correctly point out, Obie isn't going to want to be hosed by Winnipeg yet again......

And Hamilton can't acquire Glenn without getting rid of Printers first, and since they don't want to have to release him and Winnipeg doesn't want him, means they will have to get another team involved.

This Printers to BC
Jackson to Wpg
Glenn to Hamilton

rumor just might not be as far fetched as it seems.

As for the Bombers, a lot will depend on what happens with Gauthier and Picard. I can see them trying to get another starting lineman as well as a DB and OLB. lol. It just goes to show you how much of a grasp, housedog, has on the real workings of the league....all negative mouth and not believable would summ him up.....Message to housedog ....FREE AGENCY BEGINS FEB. 15... :lol: far as no 2 MadJack.... the Glenn deal....definitely going to be more than a few players, that will change teams, :wink:

LMAO ... That is exactly what i mean by "some people" not knowing what they are talking about and speaking before thinking ... LOL ... Housedog, we can't sign any FA'S until the FA period begins in 2 weeks, so knocking the BB's for not signing any quality FA'S just proves you don't know anything.

As far as no money for any signifigant FA'S - Let's see, the release of Sheridan freed up SIX FIGURES, The release or trade of Glenn and Canada will free up two more SIX FIGURE SALARIES - Milt Money - hmmm ANOTHER SIX FIGURES.

So to say we can't afford any signifigant Free Agents again just proves your knowledge of the Bombers is well ..... how do i word this ...... YOU DON'T KNOW NOTHING!!

Some people do not understand. The Bombers have no money. We lost money the previous season. The cupboard is bare. One of the reasons for building a new stadium was to bring in more money. What has changed from the previous season is that costs have gone up, air travel, hotel costs, etc. So we unload Glenn's contract. Who are you going to get. The QB for the Transcona Nationals. The previous post is simply out to lunch.

Give it up already, you have been exposed for the narrow minded negatron you are.