Free Agent musings

The Vancouver Sun Feb 13 2009

no writer claims credit for this article....hmmmm?


...Murphy isn’t as definitive about his future with the Lions.

“I have an offer from Wally, a big bump in pay,? he says.

“Obviously, he still wants me around,
but I want to see what’s out there.

I haven’t closed the door on the Lions yet.?

Neither is Murphy all but signed and
delivered to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats,

a rumour making the rounds.

....“I heard that we made a secret deal a couple of weeks ago,? he says.

“That’s news to me as well. When I hear the crack

‘He’s going east’ no one has any clue but myself and my wife.

People can speculate all they want.?

...Despite his talent, non-import status
and the loss of Stefan Logan to the NFL,

Lumsden doesn’t excite the Lions because of his history of injury.

An article in today's edition of the Vancouver Province containing quotes from conversations the writer had with various GMs around the CFL about the upcoming CFL free agency period. Bob O'Billovich said that the Ticats have managed the salary cap well enough to be active in the free agent market.

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Obie says that in the second video interview now posted