Free Agent Lumsden to go to Edmonton for 2009?

The first two paragraphs were interesting.

Then the Vancouver Province had a similar article and added that Jesse Lumsden was seen "House hunting" in Edmonton.

8) Could you give us the link for that article in the Vancouver Province please ?? Just so we all could share it !!! :roll:

Can you blame him?

Casey Printers is rumored to go to New England to replace the injured Tom Brady.

Hey come on this is just as credible as all these other speculating threads.

Tomorrow! The newpaper is at the local coffee shop, (remember, I'm in the "boonies" :lol: )so I'll have to go and grab the headline so I can google, it and then link it. Lowell Ulrich wrote the article.

I read that Jesse Lumsden bought an office tower with all the money that Edmonton has secretly paid him. It was in the Enquirer.

Found it!

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But that's about the only intriguing storyline, aside from the speculation that pending Hamilton free agent RB Jesse Lumsden is making something of an early scouting trip of his possible new home.

Its about half way through the article.


SPECULATUION ! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I know Capt Kirk, makes for a good story. :wink: :wink:

BTW whats that saying where there is smoke there is fire. :wink:

May not be Edmonton he's going to, but the fact that both he and Nick Setta remain unsigned this late in the season doesn't exactly give me confidence that they are going to be back here.

I just think that they want to concentrate on football and not worry about contract extensions until after the season. I'm still optimistic that both will resign with the Cats.

I've heard that song before. I'd like to be optimistic, but past experience doesn't quite allow me to be.

I think alot will depend on who the team hires as its HC. If it's Bellfool, I think there's good chance Lumsden will move on. And who could blame him? Same with Setta. The 'Peg needs a FG kicker.

An Argo-Cat fan

Why would Jesse leave Hamilton? I'm sure he can get more from the Ticats then from any other CFL team because he's a "hometown hero" type of player.

If other hometown heroes, from O'Shea to Moreno to Faloney can move on, as FA or by way of trade, so can Lumsden.

After some of the past trades that have gone sour for Hamilton. I’d say sign both players (Setta and Lumsden) to big bucks to cover our bases, but then if the need arises…trade whoever and stiff the other team with the big salary.

It’s about time THIS team screwed some other team over! Even better if it happens to be Edmonton and Winnipeg.

Nah. Speculation makes for a NON story.

BTW whats that saying where there is smoke there is fire. :wink:
No it isn't. To which part of the article do you attribute to the smoke part of your analogy?

Lumsden does have Edmonton connections but I am not sure Edmonton needs him (with his big salary) with AJ Harris and McCarty doing very well.

and so can the fans

Maybe thats why Edmonton hasn't moved on the KK deal. Harris and Lunsden word both look good in the backfiels. These things will work themselves out in the off season. Maybe after Hamilton is ellimininated from the playoffs they will trade Jesse to Edmonton for a 1st round draft pick. :smiley: