Free Agent list out

My wish list for the Argos would be FB Kerry Carter, DE Rick Foley and bring back CB Byron Parker.

Bringing back Byron Parker should be top priority.

Let's see Milanovich as coach with Carter, Watkins, McPherson and an Als playbook. That will jump start an offense pretty quick.

Why on earth would we trade McPherson to Toronto? What possible return could make it worthwhile to provide a division rival with a potential franchise QB?

I doubt the Al's (not you) would. Anyway congrats on the Bowman signing. I really liked him and was hoping he was going to be a free agent.

Good Luck with your FA's, just a note expect the Bombers to be interested in some if not all the above mentioned names, Parker, Watkins, Carter and so on. At least we have the cash to outbid you guys in the FA market for once!! LOL!! :rockin:

Tonight is the big night to see if all the predictions will be at least half right. A number of so called top FA's have resigned and other like Sandro DeAngelis of Calgary and Jonathan Brown of the Argos have had their clubs come out and say they weren't interested in re-signing them. That would cut down some of their bargining power IMO.
With this year being a contract year between the league and the CFLPA, I wonder if the clubs are playing a little hardball with the FA's this year. Most of the players agents would already have an idea what kind of money is available for their clients, which I believe will be quite comparable from team to team.
Players that move will be for other reasons than money in most cases IMO. Byron Parker apparently wants to return to the Toronto area, which means either the Argos or Ticats.
Steven Jyles may go to Winnipeg for a chance to play. Others will move because their current teams just want to go in another direction. I don't see a lot of bidding wars like last year when players Rob Murphy and Alex Gauthier commanded big dollars.

Yeah Parker, and Sam signed. Nice. really glad to have Parker back.

Awesome, welcome back to Toronto Parker. :thup: