Free Agent List is out

. . . and is available here:

Now, if you were running our team, who would you take a run at? Pick one from each team; here's my list:

Toronto: Robert McCune (if we happen to lose Emry); otherwise Swayze Waters;
Hamilton: Simoni Lawrence (if we happen to lose Hebert);
Winnipeg: Henoc Muamba
Regina: Craig Butler
Calgary: Johnny Forzani
Edmonton: Ted Laurent
BC: Keron Williams

Assuming we re-sign Emry, the only people on that list who interest me are Ted Laurent and Keron Williams.

Sélections intéressantes, mais j'ose quelques bémols. Muamba pourrait tenter sa chance dans la NFL, ce qui rend sa sélection hasardeuse. Craig Butler est un joueur vicieux (vise très souvent la tête des adversaires avec son casque) et je ne crois pas qu'il soit aussi intéressant que d'autres candidats qui jouent comme secondeur. Keron Williams a quitté Montréal pour aller vivre avec sa tendre moitié à Vancouver, aussi je ne le vois pas revenir à l'autre bout du pays. Et est-il permis par les règlements de la LCF qu'un Forzani joue ailleurs qu'à Calgary?

Bon, à mon tour de plonger, et je rappelle que les règles de MadJack ne prennent pas en considération le plafond salarial :

Toronto : Patrick Watkins, DC
Hamilton : Simoni Lawrence, SEC
Winnipeg : Akeem Foster, RÉ
Saskatchewan : Alex Hall, AD
Calgary : Dimitri Tsoumpas, LO
Edmonton : Ted Laurent, PD
C.-B. : Nick Moore, DI

Moore a des aspirations dans la NFL, mais je ne crois pas qu'il va être recruté.

J'attends les pots...

I agree. We’ve never really replaced Keron effectively since he left, so getting him back or Laurent would help our D line.

With Laurent, we could start a NI at tackle for the first time since Ed Philion retired (Klassen would be the backup). That would be great ratio flexibility. Williams would be good too, but he moved out west for his fiancée, as LeStaf noted, so I'm not sure he'd want to come back to the east coast.

To me, our defense is one or maybe two good D-linemen away from being THE top defense in the league. If we can add the ability to generate pressure via a four-man front to what we've got, we'll be an absolute nightmare for other teams' offenses in 2014.

Rick Moffat has tweeted today that Ola apparently has not signed with the Dolphins afterall although he has other NFL interest. He also says that Emry is close to signing. And before the holidays Moffat said that Cash and Hebert were close to signing with Cash subsequently being announced.

The Als have also apparently signed Bishop`s receiver Geoff Coventry.

As far as other teams free agents, Laurent and Williams would of course be nice to have, but besides their teams wanting to resign them, they both are interested in the NFL. Ill add Chris Milo to my want list, but wont be greedy and will settle for the Als resigning their own free agents.

Ted Laurent is a Montrealer and Jim should work hard to sign him if possible. I would not make Keron an offer.

Would be nice to improve our NI receiver position

What's a NI receiver? I'm familiar with NI ST body, decoy, and "Eric Deslauriers."

:lol: :cry: :lol: :cry:

We signed Ryan White and Ameet Pall? Uhh y

Bot are good prospects IMO. Ryan White is a huge talent but he's been dealt some really tough cards in his life.

McPherson has apparently signed with the Stampeders according to TSN.

Cool ! Bomber fans lost.

Gotta wonder about what advice he's getting.

Seems to me he'd have a much better chance of being a starter were he to sign somewhere other Calgary, where he'd have to beat out Mitchell and Tate. As in, Winnipeg.

They don't want him. They think he's not good enough for them.

He can only sign a contract it it is offered. Calgary apparently did, and he took it.

BTW - Sorry for the new thread on McPherson, I hadn't seen this discussion when I posted it.

I'm glad to see that McPherson is back in the league. Hopefully he can resurrect his CFL career and maybe get the break that he never got in Montreal.

Kirk Penton of Winnipeg Sun saying K Justin Medlock headed to the Tiger-Cats. Sure would have liked him with the Als.

And can the Tiger-Cats afford both Medlock and Bartel?

Frees up a roster spot. Medlock didn't come cheap. Nice signing.