Free Agent List and Our Bombers In 07

The 07 Free Agent List was released today and i was reading through it and i noticed we have some important players to sign, all Free agent BB's are:
Kwame Cavil (my opinion is to re-sign)
Ike Charlton (my opinion re-sign)
Troy Westwood (unless we find someone else)
Anthony Marlbourough (re-sign)
Chris Brazzel (don't re-sign)
Mike Abou-Mechrek (re-sign)
Brad Banks (re-sign)
Shawn Gallant (???)
Ron Ockimy (re-sign)
Jon Oosterhius (re-sign)
Scott regimbald (don't re-sign)
Stanford Samuels (re-sign)

Now saying that (it's only my opinion) and i know it is probably impossible to re-sign them all .. we should let Brazell go and go after Thelwell who is probably going to be one of the best signings for any team from this list ... and why not make a pitch for Damon Allen (he'll have to back-up everywhere anyway's) and he could really be a coach/mentor for Glenn.

The Free Agent List Below, Any opinions or Suggestions?

ABDULLAH, Rahim I DL 6.06 250 Calgary
ABOU-MECHREK, Mike N OL 6.06 295 Winnipeg
ALLEN, Damon I QB 6.00 191 Toronto
AZZI, David N WR 6.01 204 Toronto
BALL, Chris I LB 6.03 225 Hamilton
BANKS, Brad I QB 5.11 201 Winnipeg
BELLI, Adriano N DT 6.05 289 Montreal
BRAZZELL, Chris I WR 6.02 199 Winnipeg
BUSH, Davin I DB 5.08 165 Saskatchewan
CAVIL, Kwame I WR 6.02 205 Winnipeg
CHARLTON, Ike I DB 6.00 202 Winnipeg
DAWSON, Jajuan I WR 6.01 200 Montreal
DORVELUS, Patrick N DB 6.00 200 Montreal
GALLANT, Shawn N DB 6.01 211 Winnipeg
HATHAWAY, Cory N FB 6.03 235 Saskatchewan
JEANTY, Rashad I LB 6.03 245 Edmonton
JUSTIN, Airabin I DB 5.11 190 Hamilton
KIDD, Carl I LB 6.00 202 BC
LANDRY, Ezra I WR 5.04 160 Montreal
MALBROUGH, Anthony I DB 5.10 185 Winnipeg
MASSON, Pascal N DB 6.00 175 Calgary
MCKAY-LOESCHER, Nautyn N DL 6.02 260 BC
MORGAN, Omarr I DB 5.09 175 Saskatchewan
MORREALE, Mike N WR 6.03 210 Hamilton
OCKIMEY, Ron I LB 6.02 215 Winnipeg
OKEKE, Uzooma I T 6.02 320 Montreal
OOSTERHUIS, Jon N DL 6.04 266 Winnipeg
PARKER, Travis I DE 6.05 275 Montreal
PETERSON, DeVonte I DE 6.02 275 Hamilton
PRINTERS, Casey I QB 6.02 216 BC
REGIMBALD, Scott N FB 6.03 245 Winnipeg
RICHARDSON, Jamal I WR 6.03 207 Saskatchewan
ROBICHAUD, Matt N LB 5.10 235 Hamilton
RUIZ, Donald N DB 6.00 200 Saskatchewan
SAMUELS, Stanford I DB 5.10 190 Winnipeg
SIMMONS, Antuan I CB 5.10 185 Montreal
STUBBLEFIELD, Taylor I WR 6.00 175 Hamilton
THELWELL, Ryan N WR 6.02 190 BC
TOUNKARA, Ibrahim N WR 6.02 215 Saskatchewan
WESTWOOD, Troy N K 5.10 190 Winnipeg
WILLIAMS, Tyrone I DT 6.03 285 BC
WYNN, Spergon I QB 6.03 223 Toronto
YEOW, Cam N LB 6.01 230 Calgary

i would only want cam yeow and davin bush the rest can edit

i say samuels, Cavil and Charlton are must to resign and than maybe Kidd, Bush, omarr morgan and Hathaway we need a Fullback to make holes for charlie and u can't forget Casey Printers we need him for sure

apparently samules is getting closer and closer to coming back to the bombers. berry had a great talk with malbrough, and the bombers have offerd banks a new contract. if we can get those three back, with cavil, ill be very happy. banks looked like he ws coming into his own near seasons end. id love to have him back as a number 2. troy is also a mut sign.

jon oosterhuis, ron ockimey and ike charlton are some other guys we should sign. but there not must signs. charlton wants a boat load more money, and he just so happens to be in heberts natural position. ockimey's soley for depth. and oosterhuis, well... meh, hes versitile, caught a TD pass, and is ok at filling in on DT. if charlton leaves, we can simply move hebert back to strong side LB (where he played in ottowa) and start ian logan. he looked GREAT in TC last season, and i believe is well on his way to becoming an elite NI safety.

we must develope franklin and logan.... even eckert. young canadians with a ton of promise. i seriously cant stress that enough.

oh ya eh.. i forgot thats were Hebert played in ottawa changed my mind Charlton's not a must any more lol

maybe we could get our hand on Rashaad Jeanty him and simpson that'd scare opposing QB's i'd be scared anyways

..Stanford Samuels is a definite re-sign...Anthony Malbrough would be another...they're the only two who i could see deserving a better contract...and maybe Westy....the rest can try and pry some dough from another organization....which in these days of salary management ain't gonna be easy...forget Jeanty...he won't be coming back to the CFL any time soon...i believe Clifford Ivory is still out there maybe worth a look...and get on the phone to the rap-man Baker ...maybe he's had a change of heart..he still has lots of game....we still hold his playing rights and would be a better signing than either of Brazzel or Cavil....just my thoughts...go Bombers 07... :thup:

I don't know if you know, but Jeanty played in the NFL this past season for the Cincinnati Bengals where he played phenomenally. It's basically a lock that he won't be back in the CFL anytime soon.

i agree with u on not signing brazzel but cavil i didn't see anything bad in him at least he can catch the damn ball and stanford that guy is amazing he could be a reciever i remeber his 1st int it was amazing 1 handed diving catch and i was like wow

Belli and Thelwell or Moreale, all are NI and would solve our ratios problems over night and all could be starters without losing anything, in fact Thelwell or Moreale would be upgrades to our NI receivers, imagine Steges, Armstrong, Thelwell or Moreale, with Braz or Cavil, that is a solid receiving core. The other option is a NI fullback who can block and catch, but I dont really see anyone on that list who is substantially better than what we already have.

I am one for THELWELL, the guy is a NI (as mentioned) and he is a damn good reciever, Moreale is not as good but is a great leader and locker room presence. I would still take Thellwell, that is just my opinion, but we could end up with neither and our recieving Core is still pretty strong. We do need to re-sign Cavil though, he should be a priority before Brazell, we can't forget that AJ3 is a reciever as well and we still have young reciever's that could be great in this league (Franklin, Eckert).

On another note, i am happy to see the BLUE re-sign Graham Bell, excellent on special teams and can also line up at reciever or 2nd RB and catch the ball.

SIGN DAMON ALLEN, he could mentor Glenn and Banks and would solve our QB situation for this year anyway's. The guy is a leader and arguably the best QB in football EVER. If Glenn goes down , Damon and Banks could tear it up.

i think we should
Ike Charlton resign
malbrough... resign
cavil resign
jon osterghouse resign
damnon allen sign
cam yeow sign
david bush sign
omar morgan sigh

8) 8) 8)

We are close to re-signing Brad Banks according to CJOB sports this morning. Now we need to work on our recieving core and defensive dozen.
Our recievers in the BB system are:

Milt Stegall
Derick Armsrong
Jamie Stoddard

Now we also have Graham Bell re-signed which would compliment "Blink". Free agents yet to re-sign are Brazell and Cavil, and we need to re-sign Cavil. I also think that we should go after Thelwell, great reciever and a NI.

We are 1-2 signings away from being a damn good football team. I agree we should move Kyries to his original position and develop Logan at safety, that would save cash on re-signing Gallant. I also know we have to re-sign Ockimy (hard nosed hitter), we'll see what happens in the next month when Free agency begins in February.

I just hope Taman doesn't waste any $$$ on players we do not need (ie. Mike


See ya at the Rogers Centre in Novemeber :rockin:

...signings I would definitely like to 1, Stanford Samuels no. 2 Anthony Marlbrough....If we re-sign Banks, which in all likelihood is a great possibility....i hope its at a reduced figure.....leaving us enough cash to pursue a more experienced qb. as a back-up to Glenn...Banks is still a project at this point....and i still wouldn't feel comfortable enough for him to carry the load if Kevin goes down...Banks is young and could be a huge star in the future,, we should hang on to him.... it's a good move.... :thup:

also, a rumour out there is that Samuels is ready to sign...c'mon Stanford get on board... :rockin:

we might need to go after some recievers i heard Thurmon's going to the ARENA football League and does anyone kno what happening with Ron WARRNER i heard he was going there(AFL) but there was something with his contract or somethin that he might not be able to go.

Not sure about Warner, It would be a big loss!!

Thurmon can be replaced, no big deal.....

I am a little pissed that the BB's gave the Lions a "Luke Warm" response when they approached them about Jarious Jackson as a QB, unless Wally wanted too much for an unproven QB. Remember he only got 2 draft picks for Damon Allen??

Again many question marks arise as the Free Agent Period is Fast Approaching ... Taman Better get his A-S-S in gear.... :twisted:

..i wouldn't get too excited...bluengold....Jurious Jackson would be a nice addition...but i wouldn't go overboard trying to get him....after all he is still just a third stringer...Wally always over rates his players to gain max. in a deal...can't blame him...but i think Taman is a little wary dealing with this guy after the Wynn experiment..i think we still might do a deal... :wink:

I'd pull the trigger on a deal as long as it didn't cost too no way do you give up a starter at any position for Jackson.

That said, let's face it, backup QB has been a sore spot for the Bombers for the past two years running. From Tee Martin to Russ Michna to Mike Quinn to Ryan Dinwiddie, they've been uniformly awful. So you do need help there and Jackson might, I said MIGHT, be the guy you need, but as I said I'd be very wary of trading too much to get him, since for all we know he may turn out to be a bust as well.

...Right on Madjack.... i'll admit Taman has done a lousy job in recruiting at the pivot position...Seems we get started with a potential qb. and he's either a bust or heads off to greener pastures...we sure could use another Kenny Ploen...or Tom Clements to come along...but nowadays it almost seems impossible to dig up that kind of talent...T.O. seems to be going in the same direction...and you guys better keep Anthony healthy depth in Mont. doesn't seem to be there either...B.C. appears to be the only club deep with talent at the qb. spot...and it looks like everyone is waiting in line for one of their castoffs...not a great picture in the league right now...As for the Bombers ...we better start making a serious effort in signing a quality qb SOON...or we could be S. O. L. ... :roll: :?

Papa I think you're right about most of that, but I do think the Als are better off than most at backup QB; I still think Marcus Brady has upside and we now have Palmer, so I will be surprised if Nealon Greene is on the Montreal roster this year.

But otherwise, it sure is slim pickings at backup QB around the league. BC obviously is solid; Edmonton seems okay, I liked what I saw of Jyles last year and their new guy has good press clippings; Saskatchewan is fine, I have always liked Rocky Butler.

But otherwise? Calgary has McManus who is past it and Corley who was brutal in Hamilton a few years back; your team well we've already covered that; Hamilton had a untested rookie named Williams and Eakin who always reminded me of a deer in the headlights; Toronto is weak at backup (Spergon "I Can't" Wynn) and aren't even sure who the heck is going to start this year.

Looking at the overall talent pool at QB makes me question the prospects for any potential expansion franchise, sad to say.

Oh and by the way Papa check your mailbox, I sent you a message a while back and have not seen a reply.

Guys, have you noticed that there aren't that many Bomber postings? I think the team is looking suspiciously like a solid rock. Taman will get the QB thing straightened out,if he hasn't already. Best!