Free Agent Frenzy Thread

Let the signing Begin :rockin:

C'Mon Hamilton!

Lets Sign some good ones!

Lets do it Ti Cats! :rockin:

Yeaaaaaaaaah!!! were a few pieces away from being a contender

the anticipation is killing me. :wink:

Yes, the market is open. All we need is some kind of opening bell. Maybe you could click here or here for that.

Anyway, I predict news of the announcement of the signing of an offensive lineman will be posted here. I don't think Thomas would have been cut if someone was not going to be coming in to take his place. It could just be a matter of crossing the i's and dotting the t's. Gauthier may be the safest bet, as the team needs NI talent.

coming up after the break on sportscentre is a report on lumsden,

If you look at the page that broke the Lumsden re-signing new they removed it! Kinda worries me now.

[url=] ... _signings/[/url]

joe mcgrath signed with Sask.

From the article:

Picard joined the Toronto Ar******s -- giving them depth at centre with veteran Chad Folk -- [b]while Gauthier came to terms with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.[/b]
Looks like we got Gauthier.

Welcome aboard, Alexandre. Good to have you here.

Great Find Sammy

So Alexandre Gauthier is now a member of the HAMILTON TIGER-CATS!!

WHOOOHOOOO! lol. That is one down and hopefully a couple more to go!

That's great, alot of the top linemen are off the board already. However the best one still remains.

wow, already 4 really good O-lineman have signed.

no recent news on lumsden?

I have 4 web pages up right now and I'm refreshing them ever minute or 2 lol.

Hopefully we will get some new soon on Rob Murphy and Lumsden, and maybe one more signing (Praying for Maurice Lloyd lol)

8) TSN and CDN Press are reporting that Rob Murphy is headed to Hamilton !!!

Just saw on the Sportsnet ticker that the Tiger Cats are expected to resign Lumsden although I dont know if that was the previous report or not. It was there the last time the ticker went around though, so maybe some new info came up. Im searching for a link.

I have been checking on their website but there is nothing... I take is TSN(TV) is reporting this?

your not alone Gbonds. Free agency is the 2nd best thing to the actual games. good thing tomorrow's family day :lol:

If we sign Gauthier, Murphy and re-sign Lumsden, it'll be a heck of a night.