.....free agent CRUNCH time

...latest word out of the Bomber camp is that the re-signing of the Bombers two highly-rated fas' is failing....IF, and i stress 'if'....Goodspeed and Canada are not on the BigBlues roster for o8...Taman better have some bloody good answers as to why????The sms is a concern...but c'mon...other teams have the same problem and i haven't seen one fa of any value leaving their respective teams as of yet..What the hell gives...Big contracts being let out by other teams example... re-negotiating by esks. of Rays contract for a bundle....and yet the schmoes are talking about making a pitch for our top guys...something stinks...IF they have the money what the hells wrong with us...everyone is supposed to be dealing under the same sms rules...If we see these guys going down the road...ala Brian Clark...because we are NOT willing to pay top dollar for our 'stars'....wellll...I think it may be time to have a real good look at Mr. Taman and the job he's doing....cuz this one is going to be laid right on his doorstep when the Bombers start the slide...this is bull$hit... :twisted: :thdn: Its crunch time Brendan ...get off your arse...I haven't seen ANY action on the players that count, for this team...and time is ticking.....tick tick tick.... :roll:

You mean you haven't signed all your players yet? Wally just finished up J. Jackson on Monday, we're all done! We're working on contract extensions now.


Don't worry, I'm sure Taman will patiently wait for those NFL cuts in September!

....yeah ...i'm getting a little tired of seeing our talent go to other clubs and 'starring' sport...and then scrambling to fill the holes...this ain't gonna go down too well in the Peg anymore ...especially when everyone knows...we have some money....example...Stegall...reduced contract, Kyries Heberts salary banked...cutting of Brazell...AJ111, Bush, and a few others....sure we're going to have to give Glenn a better contract...but it seems to me there's still money available after that's done....i gotta wonder????? :roll:

It is somewhat puzzling for the very reasons you point out papa. Reading Taman's comments today from Ed Tait's article, it sure looks like both Goodspeed and Canada will be playing elsewhere this season:

On Goodspeed:

"We've talked and that's good, but it really doesn't mean much if you're not talking about anything. He's got a line, we have ours and it is what it is."

On Canada:

"His agent sent me some numbers last week and I haven't responded yet. I will, but with the lack of a quick response you can tell where we stand."

...we can only hope this is just posturing by agents...and or...Taman...everyone knows they play this game....but when you fritter away top talent because of it...i always get the picture in my mind of , Nero fiddling ...while his precious city is burning...i don't know how long Nero lasted after his total incompetence...but i bet it wasn't very long... :wink:

Papa, we are both showing our age! I had the same image of Nero fiddling when I read your original post.

I can't speek for Godspeed (He's a lineman, who notices linemen! ) but Canada always struck me as an impact player. I would have thought he would have been a priority.

Sportsmen, you never notice an offensive lineman unless he screws up. Offensive linemen are sort of like defensive backs...unless they blow it or take a penalty, they rarely get mentioned. So, when an O-lineman or a DB doesn't get his name mentioned much during a game, that is usually an indication that he's doing a very good job.

I agree that Canada is an impact player. Were I to be Taman, he'd be my priority as well, but Goodspeed would be one heck of a close second...I remember when the Bombers had less than a stellar O-line, and can recall visions of Khari Jones, Pat Barnes, et al spending much of their time flat on their backs in the backfield.

Or unless that Linemen keeps getting suspended or ejected.....(Murphy, Jimenez) :roll: :roll:

Good point Madjack. You look at all the top Linemen, Chui,McNeil, Day, seldom get mentioned and just go out there and do a good job!

....Goodspeed is a pretty good 'o' lineman....along the lines of Murphy....he's one of the reasons Glenn wasn't scrambling for his life last yr.... as for Canada it'll hurt if we lose him....but...there's also a rumour that Walls may catch on in the nfl...if that scenario happens...............disaster ....especially if Canada is cut loose :thdn:

Losing a guy to the NFL is one thing, but to another CFL team....?????

I think Taman will be able to pull it off. He released all those players so he had some $$$ to sign up Goodspeed and Canada.

Maybe its better if they test the Free Agent market first.

If not, 2 players don't make up a whole team.

Im sure we will figure something out.

.....2 players don't make up a whole team...but when you lose a player the calibre of those guys.....welllll ..lets just say you better hope you find some equal talent growing on some nearby trees....because if you don't...the Bombers will have big holes to fill....and that spells backward trend and i thought we were supposed to be Grey Cup bound.. ...i can't see how this team gets better allowing high calibre players slip away.. :roll: .....
quote from Taman...' i could sign all of our fas' tomorrow...will that guarantee a trip to the Cup;;;no' says Taman
well..i'll throw it back at Brendan....IF we DON'T sign the stars on that fa list...you are pretty well certain there WON'T be a return to the Cup in 08..and you can take that to the bank Taman... :thdn:

ET is not concerned about cap. Why is Taman not willing to spend a little extra money to keep 2 good players ? Makes no sense.

Actually, I like Taman.

Every time I see that Geory Simon pose in the end zone, I just want to send Taman a thank you card!

man oh man this is first time ever i have posted in the bomber forum

im hoping you guys sign goodspeed, but i realy want canada REALLLY BAD :slight_smile:

right now all i can say is taman blew it. Now i have stuck up for Taman the last few years becuase i believe in what he did with the bomber squad, but this time i have nothing good to say. i knew the both dan and tommy were going to be hard to get bacl, but he sat back, wathed the calander tick for stegall and now blew our 2 biggest Free Agents.

Taman is a much better player mananger then this and i hate the fact its going down this way. Taman better fix the problem fast.


Taman is the Santa Claus of the CFL, we got Simon, you'll probably get Canada. :lol:

You know what, I'll bet you could ship him AJ Gass for Canada. :twisted: :twisted:

Actually, you could really pull the wool over his eyes and ship him Kepley for Canada! :wink:

Ouch!! Sporty that hurt!! I guess Canada and Goodspeed are looking in the area of 150k each. Thats alot of money but if we don't ante up close to that someone else will for sure. We cannot afford to lose these two! I'd say bite the bloody bullet and get it done!! Find a way because another team certainly will!

I thought Canada and Barrin Simpson (yes, cut from BC as papa will point out) were your two leaders on defense.

ooohhh no sask just got rid of fred perry and with tillman throwing around his money you can bet hes after tommy.. plz taman just sign TOM CANADA!!!