Free Agent Camps

What are the possibilities of the Tiger Cats holding free agent camps in the US? Mini camp is not that far away and according to their roster there is room for at least 10 players. The team has been very quiet this off season and holding their cards close to their chest. With out a doubt signing Laurent, Dean, Tasker and others is very important. Wondering where the players are who will push the first stringers?

TiCats held a 3day mini camp at THF at the end of April last year
44 players were invited

Alex Green, Keon Lynn, Will Hill, Swindle, Aultman and others were all found at the camp

In past years, they've held FA Camps in Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami area, Dallas & Southern California. Typically they do them mid March to early April.

There's usually a $50 registration fee for walk-ups. (Fee is usually waived if the player has an agent that the TiCats know & have worked with previously or the player was contacted by the team to come to the workouts)

Usually a handful of the coaching staff travels down to run the event and evaluate. Typically it's two trips. One for the Southeast swing and another for the Southwest swing.

They've posted the event schedule on their website in the past but I cannot seem to find it this year. Perhaps they're going about it in another way this year or just haven't posted it to their website and have communicated it in another fashion this time around.

With the plethora of contacts that Jones, Glanville, Steinhauer et al have in the US ... they could be doing things a little different now.