Free Agent Bucket List

Out of all the players still unsigned, who is the guy you would like to poach off each teams list.

Heres my list as of Dec. 21:

Montreal - Andrew Woodruff
Toronto - Chad Cackert
Hamilton - Yanick Carter
Winnipeg - Clarence Denmark
Saskatchewan - Odell Willis
Calgary - Larry taylor
Edmonton - Marcus Howard
BC - Soloman Elimimian

Hard to respond to, stampsfanatic. It depends on what team you are running, each team has different needs.

For example, you'd choose Woodruff off Montreal. . . but if you were running Winnipeg or Edmonton, you might instead pick McPherson, since Winnipeg and Edmonton are more in need at QB than they are on the offensive line.

Don't overthink it, I am just looking at the players I think would help my team the most. Since my team is Edmonton, although I agree that the Eskimos need help at quarterback, I personally think McPherson is overated.

And on that point, I think I concur with you.

Stampsfanatic, I don't see how your monicker and the little cropped image of an Eskimo player go together, but in answer to your question, but as a bomber fan I'll do it from that perspective:

Montreal : Perrett over Woodruff, mainly because I'd choose the NI over the Import to improve my Oline

Toronto: Foley. Kackert is easily their FA with the highest value, but from a bombers perspective we're set at RB and Foley would give us another guy to rotate in on the line and keep constant pressure on QBs. Plus we need more NI talent on the Dline. Won't happen of course but the question is a poach wish list.

Hamilton: hard to pick between Hage, Yannick Carter, and Eddie Steele. Bringing home former MB bison Steele would be nice and he's a decent young NI for the Dline. The center spot settled in on sorensen after buck asked for a switch from Kowalczuk who had won the job in camp. Hage I think would be an upgrade over either. He's too ingrained in Hamilton to leave though. Carter could be a good special teamer and a possible back up option to Muamba.

Winnipeg: not that this is poaching as I'm picking as a bomber fan, but I would like to keep Marcellus Bowman from being picked. He's a hard hitting, fiery quality guy at LB and with the SAM LB spot still unsettled going into next season, makes no sense to have another ? heading into 2013 in the LB core.

Saskatchewan: Tyron Bbrackenridge. Had some good moments in 2012 and he could very well be a guy who could fit into that SAM spot quite well.

Calgary: Larry Taylor. Could use a good returner after a promising first half of the season by Demond Washington turned into fumbilitis in the second half. Eric Fraser would be my second choice.

Edmonton: Marcus Howard, most talented player still unsigned after Sherritt signed his new deal.

BC: all things being equal, Jovan Olafioye. However since I think both he and Elimimian are probably going to explore NFL options first, then I would pick Shawn Gore over Mike Reilly, just because I'm still not sold on how good Reilly can/will be and Gore has put up back to back 60 catch seasons with over 800 and 700 yards respsectively, and could be a 1000 yard receiver sooner rather than later.

Woodruff is also a non-import. :stuck_out_tongue:

My bad, i thought he was an import.

According to RDS,non-import guard Andrew Woodruff has re-signed with the Als for 3 years.


The Eskimo player in the cropped image is Fred Stamps.

Woodruff Officially off the bucket list signed trhe year deal with the ALS.

  1. TOP player for any team would be JEFF PERRET. AN all-star calibre Canadian Offensive Lineman who can play Tackle would be something that every team would want.

  2. Which brings me to my second choice PATRICK NEUFELD. Younger then Perret has made the successful move to RT.

  3. May come as a shocker to most since Canadian FBs are a dime a dozen but with the evolution of Patrick Lavoi could mean the evolution of the TE position in the CFL and DARYL STEPHANSON. He has all of the tools of a TE from a skill player receiver as well as a blocker with the size at 6'2" and was used in that fashion with much success towards the end of the season so his numbers may not be up there this year. Any team that does not have Lavoi, Montreal, would be smart to get ahead of the CFL's defensive coordinator's as this has become a relatively new position with the way the ALs used Lavoi on a full time Basis.
    ( Calgary also has been using Rob Cote in this way for a while now but has flown under the radar)

As a GM others on the FA market still could be an all star canadian O Lineman, or a top Canadian receiver, or a QB who may be able to make the move from a top back up to starter.

There literally hundreds of imports with NFL experience out there that are in their who can come into the league that aside from QB there is no reason to get into a bidding war over an Import FA at any position. RBs, DBs, REC, OT DLine, LB

Woodruff is a Canadian but I would still take Perrett. Canadian offensive tackles of his ilk are hard to find. But I expect him to resign in Montreal.

I agree totaly with Gore, who may also have NFL interest since he made it to final cut down in his rookie year in 2010, who is on the verge of being a 1,000 yard receiver. If not for so much going to Bruce and Simon early on in the season and Lulay spreading the ball out a lot. Gore will only go to the NFL if he has a team in which is planning to actually keep and use him, he is not going to fight for a practice roster spot as he is not only emerging as one of the elite Canadian REC but and Elite CFL REC NI or IMP.