Free Agency

I see we have several players that need to return that are not re-signed yet. I hope most of this gets solved before free agency begins, time is running out. Any inside info Depop???

Is it just me or are the Riders sleeping on ‘Free Agency avoidance’
Very quiet with the players we have to sign imo
What’s going on?

The reality is you can’t sign everybody. We will lose some and some others likely won’t be a fit.

But I agree, there is still some big names on the list.

Not happy with progress (or lack of) on re-signing Solly.
Boy would be a real intense Middle again with him returning along with Hughes and CJ resigning.

Maybe going in on the Willie Jefferson Sweepstakes. Gotta see where they stand with cap.

If pulled off, that would be a real savy move imo, Home field Grey Cup and all.

Just read they are parting ways with Rosie, I am not pleased with that one, the guy had almost 1000 yard season and they won’t resign him, blows me away.

Maybe they saved on not signing Rosie to make room for Shaq.
I liked Namaan but believe shaq the better choice

I won’t argue that, but he still has lots in the tank, and at his age, I am sure he knows his time is all most done, if he signed at a reasonable price!! Just sayin

Although I understand the move, I’m kind of disappointed to see Thigpen gone. From the moment he got here he really brought some explosiveness to the run and return games…was exciting to watch.

At least he got signed in Toronto… good luck to him!!

I am surprised Sam Hurl was not re-signed.
Must have someone else in mind to fill his spot

Yes I’m a big Sam hurl an bu t at this point of his career. He is a spcecial teams starter.
A role A lot of young Canadians startwith . Make themselves into a key role on O or D .
But extend their career on teams as they get older.
But it’s often bouncing around

IMO every other team looks vastly improved and getting lots of press coverage.
Sorry but I don’t see that with the Riders, lost lots of key players and signed know new ones. Other then Franklin not any big names.
A home field Grey Cup season one would think more aggressive moves should have been made.
All other teams seemed to manage that!
Winnipeg, BC, Toronto, Edmonton, Hamilton, not to mention the steady Stamps and Ottawa

I agree, we lost some great players and where not replaced, I have my concerns. Our O line took a big hit, hope Cory is not running for his life this season

Well they arguably signed some of the potentially biggest names (had they made it to FA), prior to …Solo, Evans, Judge, Gainey, Purifoy, Clark, Leonard, …add in the decision to sign Fajardo and JWL late last season…not sure what more you expect, considering salary constraints.

As far as the O-line, they lost depth. They still have Vaughn, Labatte, Clark, Shepley, Cofield…plus JSJ (recently signed), Shram for depth. Yeah, they lost Bladek and Blake…but those guys were likely due significant raises which likey didn’t fit in the budget.

Yes I agree that is a Solid Startin Oline no doubt.
I also agree with the Rider Brass. That Jolly old St. Joe is older, wiser, but not that old.
This time around he has signed early and get inside the playbook now and be at Camp. This time around.
Can he get back into form where he can slide out to RT as a National when needed is the big question.

Dennis hooked on with the XFL for now to play and get paid. And knows he will use that to get himself back to the CFL. after start of season when someone will be in desperate need of a LT.
Riders LT said straight out considering going to the XFL as he had to pass on super lowball Cal salaries oofferef.
Coleman is a personal trainer in the off season residing in Edmonton now.
So he can workout and possibly wait out signing with Cfl team after a few days as he is older but still hands down a starting CAL LT.

I can only speculate but I think the Riders want him back. So we shall see