Free Agency

Looks like the Riders got the big fish in Derek Dennis.

Not much out there for FA.

The Cats just signed Abdul Kanneh :smiley: another big fish :smiley:

....looks like making a few additional bucks was more important to Dennis than a chance at a ring... :lol:

Huge signing by the Riders. It sure seems that players aren't buying into the anti Jones rhetoric.

All of a sudden you look at them"

Serviceable ( and inexpensive) QB
Some think the most talented receivers in the league with Roosevelt and a penitent Carter
Ratio busting MLB in Muamba
Now...the best OT in the league

As far as a ring goes...he was never signing with Ottawa anyway. They hold the ring...remember. This will be a major hangover year for Stamps imo

...because one OL got away? our offensive line has been nothing but a injury-driven revolving door for the past 10 years, and there has always been someone ready to step up.... there a different reason you think the stamps will take a step backwards in 2017?

Yes. Revolving doors catch up and slap you in the butt.
And the loss in the GC, the way they lost, I think will cause a hangover. In the team and especially with HC and QB who had their armour pierced. And caused sniping.
I see them sliding quite a bit.

Just my opinion of course. Don't take offense.

.....Drake Nevis...big signing for the Bombers....Apparently looking at Jamal Westerman but looks like he's being courted by the Als....Venable,Cash and now Munoz being released are going to generate some interest...

Well guys are baling off the sinking ship as both Kenny Shaw and Dionte Spencer have signed with Ottawa. Argos sign Drew Willy II in Matthews out of Hamilton. I'm totally sick to my stomach right now. This organization is trying to fold.

Prolly woulda been better off with Auston Matthews vs. NFL Twog J Matthews! :cowboy:

...absolutely none taken, it was a fair opinion and not without merit...I see a GM in Huf that has plugged the holes before and have a great expectation it'll happen again...but you're right, it probably shouldn't be taken for granted that it'll just happen because...

Oh good.. glad there was no offense....gotta be careful when talking sometimes on some topics to some people.

...topics like telling outright lies about other should be careful never to do that...

Always good to listen to advice and for folks to listen to their own advice carefully.

Anyway..good luck in Calgary.

True respect is tough to earn

Earnest Jackson is the big guy out there.
He's a great player.
In fact I thought he was the top FA last time too.

Can't believe Ottawa let him loose.

Apparently they had to make a choice between Jackson or Ellingson. Give Ellingson the big bucks and bring in Spencer and Shaw from the Argos. Jackson is the big tough receiver while Ellingson has the speed. I think Jackson wanted more than the 210k that Ottawa offered to Ellingson.

A Piranha is not really a big fish but its aggressive :slight_smile:

is this kept up to date from the CFL

My thoughts are Yes it is.

Well just announced the Cats have re-signed our very own Piranha , Emanuel "Chop" Davis for the next two years.
Suddenly that dreadful D-Backfield from last year is looking like it could be a feeding frenzy for other teams receivers this season in Piranha infested waters. :smiley:

from 3D Nation and the Riders fans favourite reporter Justin Dunk :smiley: here's the link...........

[url=] ... uel-davis/[/url]

Wow...BC signed Chris Williams...