Free agency

Free agency will begin in a little less than 6 days from now.-February,11 at noon- I expect the REDBLACKS to be quite active.

The latest off-season roster has 46 players,i.e. 26 Imports-I- and 20 Non-Imports-N-; these 46 players consist of:

4 QBs,all Imports
6 RBs/FBs,i.e. 4 I and 2 N
6WRs/SBs,i.e. 4 I and 2 N
8 OL,i.e. 1 I and 7 N
8 DL,i.e. 4 I and 4 N
4 LBs,i.e. 1 I and 3 N
9 DBs,i.e. 7 I and 2 N
1 K I

While they will try to sign the best players available, based on the current roster there are needs at LB. Here are some of the players that the REDBLACKS could try to sign,if available; I included the player's current team and his age.

Import LB Jamall Johnson Hamilton 31
Import LB Simoni Lawrence Hamilton 25
I LB Robert McCune Toronto 34
Non-Import LB/DB Craig Butler Saskatchewan 25
Import DT J T Gilmore Winnipeg 26
Import DE Keron Williams BC 29
Non-Import DT Ted Laurent Edmonton 26 He could sign with an NFL team or Hamilton
Import CB Jovon Johnson Winnipeg 30
Import WR Chris Matthews Winnipeg 25

I could be wrong,but I expect that some of the REDBLACKS free agent signings will include more than a few of the players listed above.

Stay tuned


Your such a ding dong :lol: You make this big "analysis" come up with a need for Linebackers and leave out the #1 LB free agent Shea Emry. Really Richard, really ??? ROFLMAO.

Shea Emry was excluded since I do think that he will re-sign with Montreal or sign with BC.

We will know in a week or so.


You excluded Emry and Hebert . The two primo FA linebackers who happen to be part of the team you cheer for. Come on !

Hebert has re-signed with the Als,although not confirmed,yet. Same regarding Josh Bourke and Martin Bédard.


I don't believe you. The team is busting its nuts to sell tickets and your telling me that they've signed most of their FA and are keeping it a secret :roll:

I call that statement BS

Popp is still trying to sign a pair of key potential free agent Canadians in offensive lineman Josh Bourke and middle linebacker Shea Emry.

“We’ve been negotiating hard,? Popp said of Emry. “I talked to him again today. I woke his butt up in Vancouver this morning. We want him back. He’s one of our guys we drafted and invested in and want to be playing his whole career with us. That’s our plan, and whether he chooses to go somewhere else, that’s his decision.?

The same goes for Bourke, who is a ratio breaker because he lines up at left tackle and is one of the league’s best at the position. Popp isn’t sure if Bourke wants to dip his toe in the free agent waters.

“I don’t know. There’s a couple things with Josh, but I think deep down he’d rather be in Montreal,? Popp said.

Martin Bedard, Josh Bourke and Kyries Hebert have all re-signed with the Als. Not too bad for a B.S. statement.


There I am being a good sport and letting you slide through this and you push :lol: You claimed Josh Bourke had been signed and that is the statement I called BS on. He was clearly not signed. We won't even talk about you leaving Emry out saying he was going to sign in Montreal when in the end he signed with Toronto. You stated omitting our guys saying they were signed and it was kept a secret from the UNION when it clearly was not the case.

Anyway your analysis are usually bang on. But here you were clearly blinded by your homerism.

The Ottawa REDBLACKS of the Canadian Football League signed the following non-import free agents today: linebacker Kevin Scott, slotback Matt Carter and kicker Derek Schiavone.

Scott, a 6-foot-3, 232-lb. Ottawa native has played five seasons in the CFL, the past three with Hamilton. The 30-year-old graduate of Queen’s has 25 special teams tackles in his CFL career.

Carter, a 6-foot-2, 199-lb. native of Kelowna, B.C., spent the past two seasons in Edmonton after playing three years in Hamilton. The 27-year-old has 52 career catches in the CFL for 738 yards and four touchdowns.

Schiavone, a Western graduate from Fort Erie, last appeared in the CFL in 2011 with Edmonton. He went 39-for-45 on field goals in four seasons with the Eskimos.

Edmonton was raped today. Koch, Carter, Mitchell and can't sign Laurent.

I remember the Eskimos doing something similar to the Renegades, and Ed Hervey making them look like asses in free agency too. I'll try to set some time aside to feel bad for them, but I might not get around to it for a while. :wink:

I would think Ottawa has to be somewhat disappointed so far in their signings. Adding Scott gives them a long snapper, and the other two as depth. But, I thought they would be in the ball park on some of the higher profile players. Not much left out there now except guys that are still looking down South. However, you have to like their QB situation. Except for Ricky Ray they have the best QBing in the East IMO. That's half the battle. The other pieces can be added later. The CFL has two seasons, before Labour Day and after Labour Day. The RB's can add some good NFL cuts in September to fill in the holes.

They may have been surprised at how much other teams were willing to spend for certain guys. But if they held to a budget in order to be certain to not put themselves in a bad position, I respect that.

As much as people were fully expecting Ottawa to start throwing around big contracts because they have a "clean slate", it does have its spots. Aside from the QB's, at least Shologan and Hage were said to have been made available partly on the basis that their big contracts might cause Ottawa to pass.

I did expect them to go after DB's aggressively because they don't have a lot of size or experience there.

I think they are indeed interested in adding @ DB and have reportedly made an offer to Josh Bell.

Though, TSN expects him to sign in CGY.

But at this point - for me, it's a disappointing for sure... Thankfully, we still have time to add some better players in Day #2.

Guys like Keron Williams, Patrick Watkins, Cordarro Law, Jamall Johnson, Domaso Munoz, Robert McCune, Jovon Johnson, Ted Laurent (if he doesn't sign in NFL) all still available on the defensive side.

There is still lots of talent available, not big names or NI starters but there are still ways for Ottawa to add experience to that defense. That's a must.

Lots of experience with Johnson an all star!

[url=] ... on-johnson[/url]

Another good day for Ottawa!! picked up ex Ticat Bo Smith from Winnipeg and Brandon Lang from the Esks

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

These guys didn't get much mention here so I'll add the press release.

OTTAWA – The Ottawa REDBLACKS of the Canadian Football League have signed Canadian wide receivers Justin Chapdelaine and Liam Mahoney as well as import defensive back Justin Ferrell.

Chapdelaine, a 6-foot, 189-lb native of Abbotsford, B.C.; joins the REDBLACKS after spending four seasons with the Queen’s Golden Gaels.

The former quarterback, who finished the 2012 season with 36 receptions for 521 yards and four touchdowns, is the son of former CFL head coach and offensive coordinator Jacques Chapdelaine, currently the head coach of Simon Fraser’s football program.

Chapdelaine earned a Vanier Cup in 2009, his first season with Queen’s. He was also named a 2012 Second Team Ontario University Athletics (OUA) All-Star.

Mahoney, a 6-foot-1, 207-lb native of Lachine, QC; joins the REDBLACKS after spending two seasons with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Hamilton Tiger Cats.

Before being selected 41st overall in the 2011 CFL draft by the Bombers, Mahoney played quarterback in collegiate football for the Concordia Stingers.

Ferrell, a 5-foot 9-inch, 190-lb. native of Danville, Virgina; played three seasons with the North Carolina A&T Aggies of the Mountain East Athletic Conference (MEAC).

Ferrell not only had stellar senior season in the Aggies secondary but also had a breakout season as a return man, adding his name to the school’s history books as one of the best athletes to play at N.C. A&T.

REDBLACKS will begin filling holes with some new imports as well.
Back in the Renegades days. The Arena Football League was at the top of its game and the CFL was struggling. Also NFLE was also a option for import players.
fast forward 2014 and the CFL is now the league of choice with the best Arena players being poached by the CFL and NFLE nor the UFL are in business any longer.
Fraser and Javon Johnson as well as Bo Smith will help with the many talented imort DBs that are coing North each season.
Also aqcuired a starting Will LB in Malik Jackson as well as Canadian depth/Special teams/ back ups.

The concern that I see is at Canadian Receiver. With drafting 2 top Canadian TE in the expansion draft and another in the 2012 Canadian Draft Ottawa appears to be going with a more Modern 4 wide and one TE set so really needing less Canadan REC.

Also very possible to go with 4 Canadians on the Oline so if the ratio is not covered yet it is very close