free agency

Let me see, so far, in the offseason, the Riders have signed.....wait, let me see, no wait....I'll find it, it's here some where.........well, I can't find it.

So now we lose Thurman. To Calgary no less. We should just fold. We obviously don't like building a winner so what's the friggin' point?? We're nothin' but a farm team in the farm land.

Wow. Aren't you just a ray of sunshine!! Come on now.....yeah, it doesn't look great, but really, fold the team? Farm team? Get your head out of your light of the situation arising in other CFL cities, I think you should be counting your blessings, don't you think?

Don't fold! We need good ole Roy to develop players for the rest of us! :wink:

You guys should be burning up the talk show lines to get Shivers out of there!

I agree with jm02, but still, the management haven't exactly gave us a whole lot to smile about this offseason. Too bad we couldn't have atleast signed one
"top gun"

does anybody remember who the reciver is that the riders brought in on the practice roster late last season ? if i remember correctly Danny was pretty high on him?

Breedon, I believe. He was talked about quite highly, but he has not played.

Yes, Sam Breeden (sp?). Apparently there is talk that he will be the replacement for the position that is now vaccated with the departure of Thurmon. He had a brief stint with the Green Bay Packers in the NFL a short while ago.
Don't know a whole lot about him but I've heard he is pretty fast, if anyones interested I found the scouting report on him from an earlier draft:

Yep.....your spelling, not bad!

This guy could be a keeper no doubt about it and thats hope he can catch the ball right! But this is what the Riders have to do move on and try and get themselves in a better situation. If it requires some new blood in the Green then so be it!

wow…you guys lost your starting your qb, your top receiver was out most of the year with injury and yet you still managed to finish .500 and make the playoffs…people seem to forget the impact Dominguez brings to the table…if anything you wont slide backwards having Dominguez in the line up all year…it also sounds like Roy will try to sign Colon which will give you a good NI receiver…maybe you cant win the GC with Crandell or Nealon but at least you can make the playoffs, and then…who nows, remember 1997…

I think a lot of people forget we have Dominguez and the impact he'll have playing for the Riders, if he can stay healthy. I still remember him running over Carl Kidd in the 2004 Western Finals.