Free Agency

Happening in a couple of weeks.....priorities should be nis'
...Chris Baumann....receiver....definitely worth a look
...Tad Crawford....db.....worth a look
...Sherko Rasouli...o line....just Wally nutz or a fox :lol: ...IF he can pass a physical may be worth a look

....Ramon Guzman.... linebacker..very intriguing
...Lin J Shell.....db......surprised he isn't locked-up by the argos yet...would look good on any team
..Lance Frazier..db......solid player
...Ben Archibald....o line....may be too pricey but a good talent
....Kelly Campbell...receiver....might be worth a look
......Otherwise i'm not too impressed with the rest of the field this year....the draft might be more interesting :roll:

Well, papa, from a Bombers' point of view, I'd be targeting Bauman for sure, I still think there's some good potential there even if many Cats fans aren't so sure.

Also Shell. .. yes he'd look good on any team, but imagine your secondary with Hefney (assuming you get him re-signed) and Shell at the HB spots. . .

And yes, agree on Guzman; I tend to think the LB corps was a bit suspect in the 'peg last season, and he'd sure help to upgrade that area.

Campbell I'd take a pass on.

....don't know what happened to Campbell, but i have to agree to a degree, he seemed to acquire Bowmans habit of dropping the ball at crucial times

Burke is quite familiar with Guzman....could he bend his ear enough to join the Bombers...we'll see
Shell and Hefney....all i can say is WOW with that combo....I hope Joe Mack gets on this one... :wink:

And Jovon Jonhson at corner, that would be a wicked secodnary. As for Bauman, I get the feeling he is likely going to sign with Winnipeg. Another good, free agent import is Kevin Huntley. Although I guess the bombers aren't in any need of a big 6'7 300 lb Defensive Tackle. :wink:

I'd be happy to let Bauman go, even if he does well somewhere else.In his entire career in Hamilton he's had three good games at the max.Not to mention the two beautiful drops in a row on completely wide open passes that dropped into his hands.Unfortunately that footage is no longer on Youtube.Chris Bauman = Brock Ralph jr.

Can't see the Bombers being very active especially when it comes to veterans looking for big contracts. I think they'll stick with their draft picks and maybe take a look at 1 or 2 NI frre agents at most.

I hear you Pigseye, but I doubt that there are too many f/a looking for "big contracts". . . my guess is that they'll all realize that it's a buyer's market, what with a looming work stoppage in the NFL, so they'll not be asking for outlandish salaries. Doesn't seem that too many of the likely f/a are big stars anyway.

....I think you look at your needs......assess your strengths and weaknesses....look at what is available and give close consideration to your cap....I'm sure we'll be like every other club....kicking a few tires and maybe making a few offers to see what happens...I can see Baumann being signed if the moneys right...other than that i'll be very surprised to see any pricey acquisitons by the Bombers,,,Mr. Mack is a shrewd operator...something this league is going to become very aware of in the coming years :wink:

unless guzman is a middle linebacker, i dont think so.

we need someone to replace joe lo, marcellus bowman and clint kent tho looked good at the outside positions and are under new deals so they arent going anywhere.

lance frazier.. id look at him... but im ok with jovon, hefney(assuming he signs as dude seems to have a cause of not being able to not twitter his thoughts), suber and beasley. id be fine with that. maybe bring in alexander as cdn depth.

lin j-shell... if we dont resign hef, sure id take a look at him.

as for cdn's... i think thats who we will target as i believe mr mack and moll have the ability to bring in any american at any position... look at all the guys tthey brought in last season, less than 6 months on the job too..

tj,carr,butler,douglas,garrett (looked good), moton hopkins, m bowman, kent, m johnson made an impact when he played, wonder if he is the guy who replaces slobendahn.. not sure.. but beasley, suber,sears... thats all in 6 months. thats some pretty good talent there. americans arent our concern, cdn's are...

i could see us picking up bauman, i could see us going after gauthier and taking an ot with oour first round pick this year, groom him for a couple years, play behind gauthier. trade one of butler, january or douglas.. probably january.

pick up alexander, tad crawford didnt impress in bc last year but... the kids canadian and i think he'd look fine behind ian logan and brady browne as our 3rd safety.

i dont see us going after many americans, i just dont. mack can find them on his own it seems so why bother throwing piles of cash at some dude who... outside of lin-j shell and lance frazier... arent really what id consider to be "game changers".

edwards, tj, carr... we dont need campbell... dudes just a cancer it seems too. what we need for 4th american receiver is a guy who can return punts/kicks and play receiver.. we dont need campbell who would demand to be started im sure and with the 3 americans i mentioned, NOT A CHANCE.

the other americans mentioned.. oline ? we already have 3 imports with douglas,butler, january.. one or 2 are being moved, believe that.. especially if we sign gauthier. not a chance with archibald.. not even on the radar. campbell.. i explained...

the only guys who might draw interest from wpg... frazier,shell and guzman if he can play MIDDLE LINEBACKER. but i dont think so... i think mack is content with bringing in the youngsters... dont forget, with the nfl lockout probably... means alot of ncaa kids who might have been offered nfl contracts as unsigned free agents may be looking to come north.