Free Agency

I completely disagree that players get a say most times when they are traded. Players have little to no say in that regard. A team is going to trade a player to the team who will give them the best deal whether the players involved want to go or not. That's that nature of the beast.

Maybe with that last terd of a head coach he did stuff like that, but around the rest of the league a player is asked before being traded if he has any preferences as to where he goes.If he doesn't that's a bonus for the GM because now he can do whatever he wants.If he does then a GM will try his hardest to get the best deal out of the options given.If they're a total tool like Mike Kelly, they're bags will be packed and waiting in the office when they come in to see him.

I don’t know what world you live in but I don’t think it’s the real one if you believe that. If players from both sides had to agree to go where the team wanted to send them then most trades would never be made. Titus Ryan said he heard he’d been traded to Winnipeg while watching a game on TSN. He certainly wasn’t consulted before he was traded.

to put an end to this sillyness about players getting to chose where to play

8 teams...

this isnt the nhl where multi million dollar prima donnas like dany heatley can say no to a trade to edmonton.

Yeah, you got me there. Why would anyone in their right mind wanna go to Winnipeg?


typical, get shown up in a debate and resort to raggin' on Winnipeg... :roll:

How Hamiltonesque...

Obviously you missed the :lol:
and my name isn't out in two so you shouldn't take everything I say so seriously.
Jump to conclusions and try to dump on Hamilton... How Winnipegesque.....
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Nope...saw it... :wink:

....I see, according to the 2010 schedule, unofficially of course....that the Bombers play the Cats right off the top...IF Marshall is our head-coach...that could get very interesting....Whoever we hire is not going to get much of a window to study our line-up going into free agency...I sure would have liked the coach to have been named at least by the beginning of next it appears it will be at the end of next week according to Mack....I would say the new coach is going to get a quick briefing on who we should pursue and that Mack and the boys have zeroed in on a couple of needs...OTHERWISE this years free agency looks kind of ho-hum....Most of the fas available are probably going to re-up with their current club before the deadline...I see a few surprises...but not much coming the Bombers way... :roll:

I'm SO looking forward to that game :smiley:
If Marshall is the new HC, i'd give the Bombers the edge atm as we don't have a DC yet :wink: MAY not have a DC ...but you definitely have a new OC.....Burratto has jumped ship... :lol:

Buratto has joined the Ticats as O-Line coach. Mike Gibson is the OC in Hamilton. He did both jobs last year.

....New coach on offence that better.. :wink:

i meant a trade offer

wouldnt mind taking burrato or khari along with marshall ha ha:P

Burratto wasn't properly used in Toronto and I do feel that he has a hell of alot to offer as an OL coach.Toronto's idiocy is Hamilton's gain I guess.