Free Agency

........fa. in a couple of weeks....i think the new coach will be hired just under the wire...I hope he gets enough time to 'scope' things out before the deadline....We do have a few needs and there are a few prospects out there...I hope we can make a play for Byron Parker....can't deny the guy has talent and most likely won't try the nfl game again...Kelly Campbell should get a look...another guy who won't fly the coop....I don't see many o line guys out there...other than Gagne-Marcoux of the cats....I don't see him as any big up-grade though....Slim pickens this free agency....maybe we should sign him... :wink:

Our Canadian talent is respectable, Kelly got that right for the most part.

With Mack working with the NCAA ranks exclusively the past 7 or 8 years, I think he will draw from that pool of players more so than free agents. Just my take on it.

With SMS, teams have very little to play with on the FA market. I think Watkins and Foley are the only two who may enjoy the process.

When exactly does FA start?

....FEB. 15, i believe.....or there-abouts...

It starts February 16.

Kelly Campbell isn't an FA. He signed a 3 year deal with the Esks before the end of last season and then refused to report. He's trade bait if anything.

....wonder why he refused to report?????????????I thought they released him ....when he refused to report?????some confusion on this one.. :roll:

He was suspended by the team, not released. Never did hear a reason why he refused to report. I've heard it suggested it was an agreed upon thing so his salary wouldn't count towards the 2009 cap. Hall had basically said it was too late in the season for Campbell to play even before Campbell signed.

There really is noone out there in free agency but i suppose if the bombers should be interested in someone, nm byron parker.. what are we gonna have jovon lenny and b parker? yeah SMS wont allow that but allright... But if they should go after anyone its the canadian olinemen and the only one that even remotely interests me is marcoux from hamilton.

Stevie Baggs will draw some interest, and a few bucks....

some seem to think baggs and foley may get a show in the NFL... i think those people are smoking crack but still... this is what i hear.

Foley i think could make it in the NFL, baggs tho... i dont think so.

Foley may be too light for NFL. Baggs is wickedly pigeon-toed which will probably scare off many scouts. Plus, he's not exactly a kid - he's 28 this year, I think. I have not even heard either of these guys working out for an NFL team yet. If they have not by midnight on the 15th, they'd be hard pressed to turn down a contract offer paying real dollars to pursue an NFL dream that has not materialized in the 3 months leading up to FA.

hmm heres where i saw it..

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That's good for Foley that he got a workout...who knows?

I've not heard of anyone working out Baggs yet.

If Campbell did infact refuse to report.... then the bombers should make an offer...

but if not the bombers should definately grab Kerry Watkins if he reaches FA, along with Byron Parker and Cedric Gagne-Marcoux, who is young and a big upgrade over Donnely IMO

It doesn't work that way....he's still under contract with Edmonton even if he chooses not to report. He's probably on Edmonton's suspended list. Assuming he is not released, another team would have to trade for him. And that may be tough, as there is some speculation that the "refusal to report" was the result of some amicable arrangement, rather than a problem between Kelly and the team.

....i think there's a problem in schmoeville becasue of Mann and Stamps...both very good receivers......i think Campbell sees he may not get back to the position he had and would like to move on......I look for edm. to move him before the 2010 season starts...just my take... :roll:

I think I heard somewhere that yes Campbell did want to get back in the CFL but no not with the Eskimo's.However he did have enough respect with the team to sign as trade bait.Don't know how much truth there is to that, I remember reading it somewhere though.

Why would any player give up the ability to decide where he plays by signing a contract with a team he doesn't want to play for. Campbell would have been an FA in February if he hadn't signed that contract which was reportedly a 3 year deal.

In trades most of the time players do get a say in where they want to go.And maybe Campbell feels his old team should get something rather then be left with nothing.Food for thought.