free agency

it's nearing, next Saturday morning it starts. do you think the team is nearly set in stone? or the current roster will not look remotely close to this seasons roster. I don't think Obie will sign to many free agents, maybe a DB and an o-lineman. i think the rest of the team wil be done through scouting or previous rookies that Obie thinks shows some promise. What ever the case, i'm just looking forward to free agency to have something to talk about.

Yes, your right anything.

Free agency starts this Saturday, and things are moving slow. We are still missing some defensive coaches, not many players have been brought in for competition. Are these the signs for a big free agency signing? I am hoping Tom Canada. Anyway, the two main free agents i would like to sign are Tom Canada and Dario Romero. The Defense starts with a good D-Line, and if we add these two players we will probably have the best D-Line in the league, with Mckay, Wayne, Keith, Bekasiak, Canada and Romero. I also wouldn't mind seeing Eddie Davis in black and gold. I hope the defensive coaches are signed some time this week.

When is the CFL Draft? Is it going to be on T.V?

I believe it is in March and no it is not

8) The best D Line in the league you suggest ??? How do you figure that, since neither Keith or Bekasiak have proven anything as of yet !!! One or two good games last year by Keith certinly does not get me too excited !!! I will agree that Tom Canada would be a good start to improving this DL.

they just add to the other 4 i mentioned

It was televised live on The Score last year. Hosted by Mike Hogan and Duane Forde. I assume they will be doing the same again.

Correction it was live via the Internet Broadcast
You Right about the Hosts.

I don't see us making a play for Canada, Regina cleared a lot of space in order to make him a nice offer. Who ever does get him will be over paying. I'd rather just see Obie sign a few veteren role players which is what this team is lacking, rather than him blowing all the cap space on 2 guys.

why is everyone in love wit miles and domingez? there bothe injured and getting older. neather r worth the money

yeah, but we don't have a legit #1 WR anymore, so we need whatever we can get.

we have alot of young guys who have potential to be #1's, we just need that seasoned veteran to mentor them, which you would get out of Miles or Dominguez. 31 isn't that old for WR, he could still have 5 or 6 decent years left in him.

Look at Milt No body thought last this long.

Who do we have on our roster that is a potential number 1? Armstead? He used to be a #1 but something has gone awry.

We need someone who can be #1 right now.

I think the talk of a "#1 reciever" is a bit overblown.

It is true that we need somebody to step up and be a leading receiver, but I don't think that requires us to go shopping for one.

First of all Dominguez. The guy is a great talent and would be a very good addition to the team. He fits the bill as a #1. But, he has a lengthy history of injuries and doesn't do us, or anyone, a lot of good sitting on the injured list. Now, of course he could stay healthy and have a great year, but with a history like his, I think it's a fairly big gamble.

As for Miles, well, I don't think he's a #1, even on our team. Age has seriously robbed him of his first step and injuries have slowed him even further in the last few years. Combine that with the fact that he wasn't the #1 during his first stint with the Tiger-Cats, nor was he ever the #1 on the Argoes, even when they had a woeful receiver corps.

I think the money we have available for free agents is much better spent on defensive help and offensive line help. Particularly Dan Goospeed and I like the look of Dario Romero or Tom Canada. I think Canada is a little pricey, but he would be a boost. Goodspeed should be the priority.

To go back to the receiver question, I believe that if we can give Printers the time to find his guys, then it will become obvious who our #1 is. Our receiver problems the last couple seasons have stemmed from a weak armed QB who lacked confidence and an Oline that couldn't block a team of geriatrics.

With adequet protection any reciever can blossom into a real threat and I think we have that opportunity without blowing our budget on high-priced, injury prone mercenaries.

I saw that Jack Bedell on Montreal’s site has Armour listed at #1 on the free agent list. I wonder why we haven’t at least offered him. or have we and i missed it.

Armstead is a #1…just ask him.

I think you’re right Syphon, our biggest trouble is our O-Line. My concern is that it is not going to be an issue properly addressed.

Armstead never had anyone that could deliver him the ball. Now he has Casey.

Unless someone else steps up or we sign an established star Armstead is the go-to guy.