Free Agency Wishes

Once free agency is upon us, who would you pick as an armchair GM? My first pickup would be Speedy B as a kick returner.

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It would be nice to see Dexter McCoil back in green and gold.

Pretty sure McCoil retired to take a coaching position.

Speedy B is not a cold weather guy imo.

Also seeing that Wider is back Fletcher might be a good return guy as a way to get him touches.

General thought is Jones will spend on D. Cam Judge or Dion Lacey could be on the list.

Justin Dunk right now thinks Duke Williams will end up in Edmonton, noting that Chris Jones prefers large players.

Two things he was never short on were effort and guts. He played hurt most of the last time he was here and was still effective.

Lacey and Gainey are still available. Pirifoy, Micha Johnson, and more in Sask. and the Bombers have a nice selection of talent unsigned too.

When did McCoil retire? He's on the free agents list.

Breaking News! Tom Brady retires from NFL. Signs a 1 year contract with Edmonton Elks of the CFL!!!! Lol

Now with all seriousness, The Elks have all the talent they need. Now that they have a proven coach who can find extra pieces to mould an already good team, Edmonton won’t be in the basement for long. This all coming from a Riders fan

Thanks for this.

Wellll... top of your head (no peaking) who played Middle line backer in 2021?

Honestly couldn’t tell ya off the top of my head

Could become a great trivia question as I don't think he will be back although he looked like a good tackler in a tough situation.

Edmonton defense was on the field a lot and it showed late in games before they all gave up on the season.

.....and that guy should be the anchor and play caller of your defence. We don't even know who he is.

It also means there are places we can improve, a lot of places we can improve.

Bierra is close. I did not look it up.

If you want your wishes to come true then you'd best not tell anybody who you wished for. All of you poor saps who've already blabbed your choices are totally screwed. Instead of Speedy B you're likely to get somebody's practice roster cut. Sorry.

And DON'T get mad at me. I don't make the wishing rules.

With Masoli now signed by OTT
Here is the list of FA QB's left (age in brackets)

Trevor Harris (35)
Matt Nichols (34)
Matthew Shiltz (29)
David Watford (28)
Sean McGuire (27)

Thought O'Conner was still out there

Noisy now - camp will be stacked