Free Agency Thread

It almost makes too much sense signing Nic Demski that I am afraid it won't get done. Would almost be better if he was from Guelph. Regardless a good local prospect that could be a long time Bomber and then go on to run a chain of fast food franchises and eventually weasel his way into management given the chance. Who knows?

Of the other national receiver types I am curious about Stephen Adekolu who needs to find a place to play. Big and fast but had to move over for Danny V in BC. Jake Harty is another who showed he can also make plays but I would think the Red Blacks will hang on to him.

My favorite on the list is Cory Watson who most will think is done and maybe he is but he sure didn't look like it busting through to stop the Bombers on that 3rd down gamble in the WSF last year. Actually had a number of big plays and was one of the few schmoes to stay healthy for most of the year. Need to look but he might have had an 80 yard catch and run play in one game. Not likely to be of interest to the Bombers but a heck of a player. Would have been a good one to keep happy way back when they had a chance.

Lots of Dline guys but Bombers don't dare go back there again. Shologan is kicking around because of the bigger contract he signed in Mtrl and ended up getting cut aqain. He is a warrior. Eddie Steele would have been good. Zach Evans as well. Lots of shoulda coulda with the dline over the years.

Looking for a linebacker Mr Walters. What have you got?

A great all-around physical speciman, not a pro-caliber receiving option.
Stone hands.

An astute friend once told me ....never look back, cuz that's a sure sign you're not progressing....That's my feeling about former players of the BluenGold and have moved on....

Lot's of good looking receivers will be available in fa if the current situation holds....Someone is going to shake loose in Edm. and if one of them happens to be Hazleton...I'm having a look...J.C. Sherritt on the D line or Woods in T.O. would also get my attention

Getting interesting.

Not expecting the Bombers to be in on Bear Woods. Would think with Ray signed Woods will be soon to follow. Seems Jim Popp has his group of guys as well. S J Greene among them. Good to see a strong franchise taking shape in Toronto for a change.

Watching the Bombers to date I do not expect a big change of philosophy as they seem to be focusing on depth. Would be nice to see Tom Miles win a spot and be a contributor but still think we will see Sam Hurl as well. A healthy Legget and Wild will go a long way towards a more competitive D.

It will all be good when they win the cup.

Corey Watson, Sr. is a physical specimen with average mitts and profound lack of speed and/or burst. His bomber years were marked by constant dropsies & limited yards after catch. He got all hepped up after the bombers sent him packing - was solid but unspectacular with the Esks. His bomber career kinda reminds me of whats happening with Adam Lowry of the Jets, an above average player who gets injured every few games - and causes disruption in the lineup. No way I want him back - even if he wanted to play for league minimum!

…Pass on Watson as well Lyle…part of the …bin there done that’’’'There’s better receivers available…Daniels in Cal…Criner in Ottawa… Hazleton in Edm…Luv this little guy Tasker in Ham. …has real soft hands and hardly ever drops one…Downside is he would be seen as another Dressler clone…only a younger version…Scratch Posey…he just signed a futures in the states… Don’t know who tops our list in fa but I guess we’ll find out in 12 days

Papa - concerned bombers have come down witha bad case of KCD

aka Kevin Cheveldayoff Syndrome

VP of Standing Around for the Winnipeg Jets.

Nothing really happens for 6 years - although it must be said the Jets draft record is 100 million times better than the bombers!

Sorry for the confusion guys. Never said the Bombers should look at bringing Corey Watson back.

Did say he was my favorite of the free agency group they had him in with ( Jake Harty was one ). Watson had a good year in 2017 and a not too bad CFL career if he never plays another game. He has his ring.

Loving the wheeling and dealing going on. Adams to Hamilton is a nice move on the Ti Cats part and moves him to his 4th team in pursuit of KG's hallowed standing. Hughs going to Sask is big as well. Not so sure Lions fans will be as excited about Odell but he has a better chance there than in Ottawa.

Thinking with the D line stuff going on Jamaal Westerman must be drawing attention. I am okay with letting him go despite his national status. Can see Jeffcoat building on last year and becoming a sackmaster.

Joe - Westerman is an undisciplined bully who puts his own play ahead of his team. The only downfall is he's an experience non-import hand - bit overpaid but aren't they all? Finding a replacement is going to be difficult at the least!

I'm about ready to concede this may be the final year of The Goodbye Girls Troika (Wad, Walters, O'Shea) unless they can magically make this team better. Right now - I'm seeing a 10-8 team (at best) and a 7-11 team (at worst) if injuries beset the existing core of star players!

Amazing number of good players available.

Taylor Reed is listed as a FA as is Khalil Bass who I think should be given a chance to play his way on to the team. Negotiating strength is all Bombers but they don't have to be stupid about it.

Emanuel Davis and Mitchell White are T J Heath equivalents imo. White likely reups with TO.

Some good kickers as well but the Bombers are locked in there. Sure hope they are right about keeping Medlock.

Lets go Bombers!

Taylor Reed would be a decent get. Heck a pylon with Michelle Englot legs would be a better bet. . . .
Manny Davis will prolly come to Wpg for $10 to $15k less than TJ Heath.

Medlock's best days are behind him. His long field goals (47 to 57) are more infrequent. His overall percentage is declining. All he's good at is converting from 10 to 45 yds (prolly around 85%)

Very average punter - mid to lowest end of the league.

Horrid cover man/safety - - - if there's a jail-break Medlock usually heads for cover - seldom trys to downthe returner!

Is Tony Burnett an option or did he burn the bridge on his way last year?

Bombers sending Dom Davis (QB) packing not much of a surprise. Spent 4 years in the peg, mostly as a mope 4th stringer, got his chance last year but took a dump in every game he played.

Almost 30, that's unbelievable!

I think BC might take a flyer on the guy - as he's athletic, has a good loping arm (no velocity or super accuracy) but he's in the model of Jonathan Jennings and could take some heat off the Lions #1 guy while Lulay completes his recovery. Decent uniform-filler and clipboard caddy - but not for much more than $90k

......Took off after we put effort into keeping him around....I'd say bridge burnt.....Watching a little film on this Spencer kid in the Cap....He could be the answer for us at receiver...I'm hoping we take a shot at Woods or Sherritt for the middle and have a good look at Demski....Word is Harris is really pumping Lafrance's tires...He's got the right passport but I don't see him as better than Ned (Flanders)...Rumour is we're most likely keeping the master sneaker and I sort of like the combo of Matt,Darian, and Lefevour...Add a new potential...who actually has potential unlike that fraud Davis and away we go...

On paper I love the RAT pack of Matt, Darian & Dan - but only 1 of them has a legit CFL arm. Davis had a near-CFL arm - but his brain was buried up his arse somewhere!

....Spencer re-signed by Ottawa today....cross his name off the list of 'maybe's'...Fa still has possibilities at receiver but I'm sure that's going to dwindle pretty quick as the days get closer to the 13th.

Green as Grass Walters will no doubt end up having his choice of the 2nd & 3rd tier of CFL hobo free agents . . . . . then calling them Tier 1 guys after signing them to contract!

My compliments on your rankings papa. Hazelton and Spencer signed by their own. Have a feeling Sherrit will be along shortly.

Not sure signing Adarius Bowman puts the Bombers over the top but it would definitely say that they are serious about this year. Would also be an opportunity to see what kind of quarterback Matt Nichols could be or possibly not. Believe most receptions by Bowman include moving the yardsticks and would be an interesting combination that frees up space for Darvin Adams as well..

Happy with the Moe Leggett news although the one year deal has me wondering. Maybe some loyalty reward points involved. Truth is even if he comes back 100 % he will not be the player he was 2 years ago. Still an all star and a good one but the Bombers will need to find the next Moe Leggett soon. Just the facts of life. Chip Cox was that guy not too long ago.

So my take is the Bombers are all in big and I hope it works.

Maybe Johnny Sears ? Yeah he screwed up on that one play but I recall Manny Arcenaux mentioning Sears was a difficult DB to play against. I liked him as a Bomber before. Definitely adds spice.

Johnny Sears would be a decent add to the Richie Hall sponsored secondary. Sears record for tight coverage would no doubt be soiled working in that hi-umbrella secondary though

I'll be non-plussed if they bring Bowman into town - although they could always dub him the Mayor of Bomberville . . . . Sherrit is superior to Hurl - ok, even Wad Miller at 28 (before he retired) would have been slightly superior . . . .

Wad Miller at 44/45COULDN'Tcover the peanut vendor . . . .

The one FA I'm hoping for is Nic Demski - Harris wants him as a short WR compliment to the running attack - and for Matt Nichols health to be sure . . . . without anything more than a healthy Darwin Adams as the long threat - you better have a bevy of beauties for short to intermediate service - or your QB won't survive more than a handful of games - standing in the pocket waiting for a slow WR to materialize - but getting pelted by 270 to 300 lb. DLs waiting to punish him!

News? Rumours? Anything?

kind of an ominous quiet at the moment. long hours in the office. there is sure to be something going on