Free Agency Thread

Can Harley Wait till 12 PM on the 15 of Feb 2010 For it To Begin.
The Free Agent SIgneds IMO the Start of New 2010 Season..

5 Days to go

Good article on the scratching post/spec regarding FA and our Team

I think we need DB and DE most. The team is pretty deep everywhere else. I really think Ito can be the man at the kicker/punter position. He showed a tremendous work ethic in preparing for the one game he played in last season.

Hardly a frenzy if you ask me.

Just want to see quality signings.

4 Days is to Go
I like us to sign a Good Candian Kicker maybe a DE and Good DB

Anything Extra is Icing on the Cake.

IMO were set at DE

With Hickman, Long AND McIntyre

I agree.

The best pickup for us would be Keron Williams, the best pass rushing DT in the league.

What I read in to the comments is

1- If Sandro is available, he will get an offer

2- They will only make offers to the premier free agents, guys like Parker, Watkins, Williams, Fantuz

3- Players see Hamilton as a viable place to play.

All looks pretty good.

We wouldn't need a great returner if we had better blocking on special teams. They should look at the fact that our returners are tackled INSTANTLY because special teams really weren't blocking effectively come the second half of 09.
As per the scratching post in the second post article in this thread

I can’t wait for free agency to start, The guys I’m hoping we send offers to are…

  1. Byron Parker - With a hole in our secondary Parker would be a huge signing and upgrade for our defense.

  2. Will Poole - Now if Parker is off the board our next best thing would be Will Poole, He is a good shut down corner and showed he can tackle when called upon with 54 tackles last season.

  3. Keron Williams - He would be a nice fit beside Derrell Adams on our growing and always improving d-line.

  4. Kerry Watkins - Although we have a solid group of receivers we could always use another proven veteran receiver that has had 1000 yards receiving in the past 5 consecutive seasons.

Ah men

I think Parker will Resign in Toronto ..

Was that really you who said that, jordan02, or was it borehamgirl? :slight_smile: :lol:

Out here it is rumoured that Watkins wants to go to Hamilton…with him and AB3, that would give the Cats two out of the top five receivers in the league.

Well your in luck also, rumour has it Gagne-Marcoux wants to go to Montreal lol.Well, it's more likely to be true then not after his little blow up earlier this season where he stated there was no way in hell he was re-signing in Hamilton and would probably go to Montreal.

Give the Guy a Break
It been said He had issies with a member of our Coaching Staff last year .
He was a Starter the past few years
He got hurt and The Ticat Coaching Staff Felt George was a Better Fit
This Happens it's pro football
I can understand him wanting to play if he did'nt
then somthing is really Wrong

Marcoux was also was a Collage Center and moved to the Guard spot here in The Hammer.
I Feel he'd be a Better Center Then a Guard here
But with Marwan Here is not going to happen
It for best to move on.

Some times things don't work out
He is great Guy and I Hope he gose somewhere that makes him happy
I thank him for his time here as I do anyone who had the Pleasure of Playing for us.
To Dawn the Black and Gold Means your family forever

Truthfully I just hope that we retain the FAs we have and fill in with some of the young partime OL from last year. I actually like the team we have and feel that offensive line is a position of strength if we work them in. We should be better if we don't go overboard with personnel changes

:o Where did you hear this?

Where ever he hear this I'm liking

I just really hope this rumor is correct.