Free Agency Thread / Predictions

Andy Fantuz + Kevin Eiben will sign with the Tiger-Cats.

Not saying how I know. But I know. The source is my gutt. Just sayin....This is my prediction. Anyone have any of their own?

What is your gut saying?

It forgot to tell us????????

I don't get it. Obie signed your gut to a contract?

It better be Canadian.

My gut is saying "thank you for getting jalapenos in your gorilla cheese sandwich, it's keeping me nice and warm".

You're welcome gut.

Something tells me it’s saying this quite loudly.

Signings so far:

DB Paul Woldu to Saskatchewan
WR Cary Koch to Edmonton
OL Glenn January re-signed in Winnipeg
OL Scott Flory has re-signed in Montreal
DB Dante Marsh re-signed in B.C.
DB Ryan Phillips re-signed in B.C.

Drew Edwards reports that we are pursuing Kevin Eiben.

Woldu must be unofficial so far, as it's not on the tracker yet, and hasn't come across on Twitter.

CB Dante Marsh, DB Ryan Phillips both re-signed with BC!/CFL

Woldu is not yet official, but Arash Madani says he's in the Riders' facility right now and he's a Sask native.

Madani just said the Woldu signing is official.

Meanwhile, Jamie Nye says that Edmonton is out of the running for Fantuz because the money is too high.

Wow - the Grey Cup Champs sure are stocking up on DBs -- esp. if Drew's posting is accurate that they are pursuing Byron Parker.

I sure hope we know what we're doing in letting all these proven veteran DBs slip through our grasp.

This for Banshee...

It's being reported on another board that the Ti-Cats are interested in LT and perennial Banshee favourite Rob Murphy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard that and Kevin Eiben AND Aaron Hunt. What are they trying to do to me? :lol:

I assume Eiben would not be seen as a starting LB given the trio we've got. As far as back-ups go, he'd provide great depth. Hasn't he played both MLB and OLB in his career?

Would Eiben sign here knowing that he would be only a backup???

There probably isn't a real market for him as a starter. I think Toronto would take him back in that role but I get the feeling they are low on cap space.

True enough, Jordan. However, when a player's been a starter for most of his career, I wonder how easily it would be for him to gear down....

Bob Young just tweeted something interesting. Also an offer has been presented to Justin Medlock

Haven’t the Cats been giving offers to Medlock previously???

Yeah, Drew suggested that this could be a sign since Bob used his Twitter account to announce the signing of George Cortez…

Andy couod be ours for the taking. Rumours on twitter had us and the Riders battling it out for Fantuz. Now it appears that the Riders have landed both Dominic Picard and Brendan Labatte. So you would think that takes em' out of the running.

Also, would Bob have tweeted that if there were a good chance that Fantuz signs elsewhere?

Word from Drew Edwards is that Durant is working on Fantuz as he did with Labatte, who, according to Naylor is taking a tour of the Riders facilities....