Free Agency starts now! Who's going where?

8) How right you are TeddyFay :lol:

Is the RedBlacks "brass" that good at judging and acquiring talent or do they just have a whole lot of horseshoes where the sun dont shine? Seems they have made a number of moves the last few years and so far in FA 2017, that have worked out. Luck? Skill?

Gotta wonder if they are going to even think of respecting the cap this year. Lots of pressure on them to repeat considering they are hosting the big game. Reminds me of the last time the Riders hosted and won the cup. Their payroll wasn't even close to being under the cap for that big season.

Well they will be saving 400000 or so because Burris retired

Simoni Lawrence is campaigning hard to get Emmanuel Davis to sign with the club. Great leader for this team!

According to Drew, E. Davis just re-signed a two year deal with the Cats .

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 20m20 minutes ago
DB Emanuel Davis is staying in Hamilton, according to #CFL sources. Davis gets a 2-year deal to stay with #Ticats #CFLFA

:thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Suddenly our D backfield looks pretty darn Good!!!!!!

Our "Eatem Raw" Defence so far

Butler, Kanneh, Davis, Stephen, Daly, Washington, Dean, Lawrence, Laurent, Chick, Tracey

YES. YES YES YES!!!!! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin:

Fantastic news!! The D is looking pretty damn good right now... YEEHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! :cowboy:

Winston Venable to the Argoooooooooos.... Will take more than his share of penalties. Count on it.

Scott Mitchell ?@ticatmitchell 7m7 minutes ago
We got better today. #ticats

AGREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thup:

Now we need Fantuz signed so he eventually will retire in 2 or 4 years as a TiCat and Sinkfield is still on my wishlist

According to Drew, the Cats brass are still making it known they want Sinkfield back in the Hammer.... keep your fingers crossed!

BC just signed Chris Williams, so Sink won't be going back to BC.

Mike Beamish
#BCLions and WR Chris Williams have agreed on a contract number. It's how bonuses and games played break down that have to be ironed out.

The argos probably will release Venable around mid-season just like they did with Keon Raymond last year.

I like how this day has gone. DB was probably our weakest group last year (once the injuries kicked in), and it could now be one of the strongest (assuming people can stay healthy).

Good day today. Happy to see the Dbacks getting stronger.

CFL site says that the Cats have Emmanuel Davis for 2 more years. Wow! Kanneh and Davis are great cover guys who can make plays. Now let's get "My friend Andy" ( to be said in a Morgan Freeman voice) all signed up. :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Great to have E.D. back and re-signed as well as the signing of Abdul Kenneh to strengthen the Ti-Cats DB's.

Still more work to do on remaining Free Agents or unsigned players.


Never have so many old men been so happy about 2 more years of E.D.

Ok, that's pretty funny. :lol: