Free Agency starts now! Who's going where?

Get 'em:

My first choice for us is the league’s Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman, left tackle Derek Dennis.

Bring back Emmanuel Davis.

Rico Murray has always been a hard working LB/DB. Hopefully shakes the injury bug.

Terrell Sinkfield, you are wanted back home... in the hammer.

Abdul Kanneh is very solid at DB

I believe Chad still has more to offer.

Let 'em walk:

Johnny Sears is always injured. His entire career has been this way.

Jacory Harris

Keon Raymond has had success but not here so much

If the price was right:

John Ojo and Patrick Watkins from the Esks - DB

Other goings on:

Seems the bummers are interested in Drake Nevis. I would love to see him stay here. Maybe Bryan Hall will be back if he departs?

Post your news and rumours here fans!!

Chris Milo?

Abdul Kanneh a Cat! :thup:

Derek Dennis to the greenies.... damn. Needed that one. :x

QB Jeff Matthews to Toronto!!

Kendial Lawrence is back with the Esks. Clearing out some $$$ over the last few hours.

Let's see what's down the pipe for us!

Ernest Jackson now in double blue. They really needed that guy as a number one receiver.

Ron Omara has a verbal agreement with Ottawa.

Damaso Munoz released by the RedBlacks... could he fit in here?

Nevis a Bomber.

Mathews and the entire playback to the Arblows.........

Wonder why we couldn’t keep him or why he was let go?

RedBlacks hauled in a big Bass named Khalil! Big lunker.

Looks like Jacory Harris is going to Montreal.

Matt Coates a Bomber...

Johnny Aprile ready to have a big year. :oops: :oops:

I was hoping for a new playbook this year :smiley:

Kanneh means nothing if he doesn't re-sign Davis. Just a tit for tat and nothing more without Davis. How about some offensive linemen and a good rushing defensive end that can get to the QB.

Would you have rather tied up a roster spot with him or Harris? They were both slugs

Lots of "signed with" on the first day of FA. I hope Austin has a plan because the Arblows without a GM or head coach got the catch of the day so far. The Bummers have done well too. I am a bit nervous there is not enough talent or depth to make a run at he GC. At this point a new playback will make little or any difference if they don't have the talent ..........