Free Agency set for December 1st 2013

In that sence...then yes

Many people are forgetting that Tate had taken over as the starter in Calgary the last three games in 2011 in which he played very well and his first playoff game which he bombed.
Tate missing most of last season has not helped his cause but did more than make up for his 2011 playoff appearance.

Now he's questioning the team medical staff. Don't be surprised to see Tate traded and Glenn extended. Calgary going with Glenn and BLM is a real possibility.

I think decenber 1 might be a bit early but understand why ir is being done for next season.
In the long run moving the free agency period up by a month to 6 weeks would be much better for the CFL teams.
Free agents are not just looking to the other 8 CFL teams but also 32 NFL teams and those who can not find a spot in neither can be signed by Arena football league teams for some updated game film.
All three Gridiron teams working together is best for everyone across the board.
Last season with many teams releasing their free agents early during January to look at NFL options.
Putting this Jan 1 or Jan 15 free agent period will coinside with NFL futures contracts and give AFL team enough time during FEB to sign the best players that are available in time for March training camp

HfxTC, you must have misheard what Kevin McDonald said. From twitter:

@CFL_PR - I've been told Kevin McDonald said on Wpg radio that FA was going to start in Dec 2013 bc of the expansion draft. Is that true?
Jamie Dykstra ?@CFL_PR FA period opens on Feb 15 2014. What Kevin meant was Ottawa can start signing FAs on Nov 25

Well this changes everything! Lol I was starting to get worked up! Lol

II didn’t mishear. He just was not clear. If free agency starts Feb 15th. 2014. The only FA Ottawa will be able to sign are Import rookies. I don’t really think most people think of Free agents as players who have not played in the league or ex-players.


I'm all for making the new club competative, but allowing them in the FA pool over a month early is just wrong on so many levels.

The whole process needs some serious work.

Thats not entirely true. All players that are on Practice rosters become free agents Nov. 25th, so Ottawa will be able to go after those guys (as will all other teams as per normal)

Players on practice rosters at end of season become free agents,unless their teams sign them to a contract for the upcoming season. Most players on the practice rosters,mainly Non-imports, will be signed by their teams; while most of them won't not be protected by their teams for the December 16,draft,Ottawa won't have a pool of 60 or so practice rosters eligible to be signed,starting November 25,2013.

Free agents players available to Ottawa,starting November 25,2013, will be players that have been released during the 2013 season. A player such as Adriam McPherson comes to mind, a Chris Jennings, a Kenny Ingram,a Mike Lockley and on and on.


McPherson will certainly be an interesting case Arena Football season will be ending. Ottawa will have plenty of time during the course of the next few months to work him out to see what he is all about.
There are many varying opinions on McPherson. one thing is for sure is that he was just recently a top CFL Back up a spot he held from his first to 5th season. Spending 5 years as the top back up and running short yardage he knows the CFL game inside and out. He played at a much higher level than most of the Arena league players and although not many QBs have come from the Arena football league since its change over many other position players have at every other position

I'm not really sure it matters what type of FAs Ottawa will have to choose from starting Nov 25. It's just the fact that they can officially start signing players on that date that is great. Maybe we should start a thread for people to guess who the first player Ottawa signs will be. :wink: