Free Agency set for December 1st 2013

According to Kevin Mcdonald CFL VP. Free agency will be set early this year probably due to to the Ottawa expansion. This is a good decision for all teams IMO

Link? The papers are still saying Feb in their articles.

There is no link but you can hear it from his own mouth on TSN radio its in the podcasts of thursday august 1st on the hustler and lawless TSN1090.

I like it.

Interesting if true. Should really help Ottawa, as teams will have to resign players they really want to keep, making more players available in the expansion draft.

I like it but I feel it gives an extreme disadvantage to the two teams in the Grey Cup. It gives them a week to lock up their FA's (unless they start earlier, however if you're in the GC you don't really want to be focused on anything other than the game) where as teams who are eliminated in the PO's or don't make it have 2-4 weeks to lock up their guys. Unless no one's aloud to do any resigning until after the GC which would be interesting. It would be a hectic week.

Well GM's like Taman have been working steadily with the players agents that they wish to keep throughout the season. I recall Taman this spring in one of the videos from training camp saying that he was already working with Dresslers and Butlers agent looking to extend it even further past the 2013 season (at the end of which is when they would be FA material).

The issue is that they cannot sign them until the end of the season as any signing bonuses would count against this years salary cap.

2/3 of Calgary's quarterbacking corps could end up in Ottawa.

They might get Glenn in free agency but I have a feeling that Tate won't be anywhere next year.

Yeah why waste a pick in the draft on a guy who's played in 4 full games in his career??

If I was an Ottawa fan and they wasted a pick on Tate I would be asking for a change in management before the season even started.

And this is where it gets interesting. If Free Agency is moved to December 1st. Do they allow teams to use 2014 CAP money early ? Or not ? I don’t know.

My thoughts exactly! It will def be interesting

I imagine if they continue to hold the signing bonuses as an inclusion to 2013's salary cap that there will be a lot of handshakes. I can't see Dressler wanting to go anywhere but Butler may get the yearning to go closer to home. Then again he can take a look how well that has turned out for the last one that wanted to go home and stick with the Riders.

Didn't I read somewhere that Dressler was interested in trying the NFL ?

Not that I have read. Last time he didn't even consider it and I don't think anything has changed with that. He's got a reasonable head on his shoulders and knows that he has snowballs chance in hell because of his small stature.

I'd heard a rumour that Trestman really wanted to bring him to the Bears next year. Where it originated and if it has any merit is another question.

That was Pederson who heard from a UND alumni at a Rider game said Trestman might be looking at him.

It would be like me telling Kevin Mitchel that Woldu was getting looks from the Bears. Take it for what it is worth.

You can only pick 1 QB from the same team and if you pick their QB, you cannot pick their kicker

And Glenn is a FA this off season, so it is very possible.