Free Agency Rumours

Quotes from Kirk Penton, Sun Media, Winnipeg in an article published a week before CFL Free Agency begins:

"Rumour has it the Tiger-Cats might take a shot at defensive ends (Odell) Willis or (Ricky) Foley in free agency."

"The only experienced quarterback on the free-agent market is Adrian McPherson, but the only team with a question mark at the position, the Bombers, aren't interested."

"B.C. and Saskatchewan would be suitors for Alouettes' defensive back Dwight Anderson if he goes free next week."

Meant to include another interesting quote from the same article:

"The Argos were also in the running for tailback Jerome Messam this week. The Eskimos sent the league's top Canadian in 2011 to the Alouettes for a sixth-round pick instead."

Wonder if the champs have an indication that Kackert is moving on?

Given how they used/played him last season, I don't expect the Argos to re-sign Ricky Foley. I expect him to be signed by either Hamilton or BC; both teams would like to sign him,particularly since he is a non-import and a good player.


I remember last season how Foley and Chris Jones had a disagreement on how he was deployed in the defense. Perhaps, that frustration dissipated after they won the Grey Cup.

If not, then he could be moving on. Doubt he will end up in B.C. after the way he cast them aside to go to Toronto.

In my opinion, players play and coaches coach. Getting into it with a coach about the style of play is a bad sign, and I don't thing a player with that mentality would be a good fit for the Cats. If it is just a rumour or a misunderstanding, that is one thing and forgivable at that. But if it is more, then I would suggest a pass.

This may have been an issue with the Cats last year as it was mentioned that the "vets" wanted to play in a system that was different than that of which the coach was employing. Combine that with the notion that the coach was afraid to run his full system because he didn't "trust" his guys to run it and you have the type of disaster that occurred on defence last year and which we all had to suffer though as fans. Better to avoid anything that may lead to that type of disaster again thank you very much.

I wouldn't mind Willis. Every game when he comes out of the tunnel, you see the passion, he's going crazy trying to get everybody pumped up, does it on the field too. He brings the energy that we've been missing since Otis Floyd was let go. This is for the right price, of course. There were rumours about Peguese being a little crazy, too. That's exactly what I want in a front seven.

Signing Foley as a starting DE will force a team to take a hit on their pass rush. Yes he's Canadian but if your going to weaken your D he is not worth it. All the pressure from the Argos came from the interior last season. Foley is a good deal for a team as a rotation guy if he's willing to take around 75 to 80k a year.

Looks like Carlo's wont be back with the Cats..

Carlos thomas @C4Thomas4 Protected account
Looks like ill be sporting new colors this season #donedeal lets get it #greycup2013

He was cut back on Jan. 10, so he wasn’t going to be a Ticats anyway. Glad to hear that he’s found a team to sign with. Wonder which one, though.

If the Cats employ an extra Canadian on the O-Line this year, I do not see the need for Foley unless he comes at a discount.
Did not see enough of his play last year to know where his game is at. Our D-Coach sure should know a lot about his game. This is the only reason I see him coming up the QEW from Toronto.
I kind of sense we might go All American on the D-front. We need to get better on D.
Then Willis makes a lot of sense.

I didn't think Foley was all that effective last season for the Argos. On the stats sheets from last season he didn't even show on the top 40 in tackles and fumbles and was in the bottom 3 of 40 for sacks with 3. Doesn't sound to me like he would be an effective DE. Of course depending on how he was played and how much.

I understand that the Pope will be a free agent on Feb 28. That could be a big hit to the salary cap for the team that takes a chance on an aging veteran with bad knees. :wink:

Pat Lynch( Probitas et Scientia)

That could be a good signing provided he can throw....those Hail Mary's

But think of all the bad Juju Bob Young would have to live with when Mitchell fired Pope Benny after a year.

I see Mccolloch(TO) and Turner (Win) heading for the Hammer.

yes, Turner would be a splendid addition to the Cats DL.
Surprised that Winnipeg has not secured his services before now, as they have already lost Jason Vega to the NFL.

If the Cats lose the Turner sweepstakes, Odell Willis may be a possibility as well, if personal disposition ills are restrained.

Kirk Penton ?@PentonKirk

@mike_wpg Bombers need to re-sign Turner. Brace yourself, but I'm hearing the #Riders might take a run at him.

Drew Edwards reports that we have re-signed Brian Simmons and Bo Smith.

I believe we will be trying to acquire the services of Tyron Brackenridge to play safety. He did play linebacker last year but he is a hybrid that can play either way.... A great replacement in my eyes

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Willis would be a good signing, a badly needed position:

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