free agency next year?

Ok!!! i just thought of this!!!!!!!!!! KJ is in the last year of his contract right(please correct me if I'm wrong). If so, and if he dosen't retire, and the argos don't re-sign him. Should the Riders sign him back?

no, too old

I think the whole REASON of the trade was that he wanted a long term deal in the 350K a year range but the Riders were okay with his current 1 year contract of 225K for this year.

I feel for you guys.

Heck..wait the year and if Winnipeg doesn't offer what Glenn wants we should go back after him..He is 29 so you could sign him to a decently sized deal. I would much rather wait a year and have Kevin for the next 4 years after that than have KJ for ther next 1 or 2. KJ is good but didn't show up after the regular season. I would have been really happy with Orlando or Byron coming our way to make our D even better. However that is life and we still a qb that knows how to win. We lose the mobility obviously and arm strength but I think Marcus is every bit as accurate as KJ.

No. Marcus is a far more accurate passer than KJ. Mobility is the one factor where this change hurts the most.

If i can remember right I think Crandoll has been known to take off out of the pocket(but still, not as much as KJ) I agree the Crandoll is wayyyyy more accurate then KJ. But, I still love KJ.

Crandell passes OK, (far more accurate the KJ)

Crandell runs OK, (KJ is one of the best in game ever, second only to Doug Flutie and maybe Tracy Ham)

Crandell quarterbacked Calgary to a Grey Cup, and then was pushed aside because some rich guy who owned the team wanted his son to play.

Stop panicing...

So you’re saying we’re gonna have a young Hopson at the helm this year?

Very off topic here but I agree it wasn't Crandell's fault in Calgary that they failed after the 2001 Grey Cup win. The team was just plain lousy and poorly managed for many years there. Look at the Eskimos ever since the 05 Grey Cup win. They will be losers until Maciocia is fired and the man is a grey cup winning coach. Just because you win doesn't mean you're good. KJ will not return to us.

With weapons like Cates, MD, Fantuz and Cates, WHY does Crandell have to be as mobile as Joseph? A smart, effective QB gets the ball in the hands of the skill players, and lets them do the hard labour. Khari Jones, in Winnipeg was effective because he got the ball to Charles Roberts and Milt Stegall (look at their stats). Crandell doesn't have to carry the team on his shoulders....all he has to do is get the ball into the players hands and let them do the rest.