Free Agency: Negotiation window opens Jan. 30

An important step in the free agency process kicks in less than a week from now, on Jan. 30.

That’s when the free agency negotiation window will open, allowing pending free agents to have conversations with teams from around the league.

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clearly that is happening already.

follow the twitter accounts of any free agent and you'll see many discussions have already occurred.

not sure what is truly intended by this Jan 30th - Feb 6th window, aside from you can't physically sign a player until then. You certainly can discuss, offer, and negotiate terms before then.

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Free agency is so strange now too.

Not only do we still have all the complications from you know what, but now American players who did not crack an NFL game roster are examining their USFL options and so forth and though many of us are pessimistic about that attempt at spring football, USFL 2.0 adds yet another variable.

What a great idea. I can see no downside for teams or players and both benefit. Very cool.

This clearly benefits the players. The present team then has to better the bid if they want to retain that player, and at the same time the player can get a potential bidding contest going between the teams for his talent. Then the player knows how much he is deemed to be worth prior to free agency. No bids means the player should stay with the present team or could be without work.


I think that the changes to free agency over the past decade is one of the reasons attendance is down in the CFL. Players move around so much that fans, especially younger ones don’t even get to have a real hero on their team, before they move on, especially these one year contracts are ridiculous.
I would suggest for any present free agent from your team that is resigned there is an incentive of for example 10% above the salary cap for all resigned players. Teams that want to pilfer and resign other teams players could conceivably have 10% less cap room.


I liked it better when the minimum contract was 2 years (plus it was a club option for +1 year), and it should be that now for the minimum term for a contract given all that is invested in development and training of each player who makes an active roster.

I do not like the revolving door in place right now.

I especially don’t like any given whiner who shines in his rookie CFL season about not being able to go to the NFL right away if he is one of the truly small few who really will be that good to make an NFL team (not merely a practice roster). If he’s really that good, he would be better after two years.


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The biggest beneficiary of the CFL form of free agency:

  1. Teams that had a bad year. Some teams have 50 (yes fifty) free agents. A GM can literally transform a team in one year!
  2. Players who had a good year. Gives them a lot of leverage to retain their services.

The losers:

  1. are the fans! No point in buying a jersey...your guy will be playing somewhere else next year. It makes it tough to get invested in your favourite team..financially (season tickets) or emotionally, so many changes and to much annual upheaval.
  2. Players who had a bad year. No leverage to negotiate.

For the CFL to have credibility and a strong future free agency and an end to Covid impact on the CFL need to happen soon. Reports I read say the CFL lost 60-80 Million 2 years ago...when the league shut down for the year. Hopefully the league can pull through.

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After signing most of our key players to several of those pesky one year contracts we’ve run low on cap money. What can we glean from this? That a ‘one year contract’ is actually a ‘two year contract’ with a performance clause that kicks teams in the nuts a year down the road. :frowning_face:

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Any impressions here, including also from BC fans and residents?

It looks like BC retains his rights, and it sounds like Cottoy has recovered well from some devastating knee injury suffered in 2016.

If you have recovered from even less as far as injury and surgery, hats off to you to make it to being able to live well again let alone for a guy like Cottoy making it back to both football and as a firefighter-in-training. Just that is far above the norm after such a harsh injury.