Free Agency: Negotiation window opens Feb. 5

On Sunday, Feb. 5, we’ll hit an important marker in this year’s CFL Free Agency process.

Sunday at noon ET marks the opening of the free agency negotiation window, where teams can openly talk with pending free agents or their CFLPA-registered designates.

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Good example - Trevor Harris. Word out of Mtl from Zurkowsky is Stern isn't a fan of Harris. This has to be good news for the Riders if he heads to free agency. Could the Argos also be interested? Who knows. If he leaves does that mean Fajardo lands with Maas in Montreal? I like the odds of that. And where does that leave Evans? I don't like the odds of the TiCats trading Evans to the Argos, their hated rivals. I could see Harris in Toronto before Saskatchewan if for no other reason due to that OL (ask Amondo how much Trevor likes getting sacked regularly).

The best result would still be signing back in Montreal. I like the Als & kinda cheered for them in the East last year after a return to the East Final after 7 seasons. But with Trevor & a good chance Lewis gone, that would be a real punch in the gut. Well, Maas, how's the return to HC going so far?

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Any takers on how long it will take Macioca to completely mess up the Als?


What? It hasn't started already?

Oh yes, it's already started. I'm wondering how long before total implosion.

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The biggest and dumbest move by the Als is Maas. The downfall in Riderland was obvious it starts with Maas. So what do the Als do they hire this inept to be head coach. My bet is that Maas will be fired during the season. Does a QB want to be part of this nightmare? Or for that matter Lewis?

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Wait for it, in 3...2...1.....

Lol Rider fans act like they are in a better position than Montreal , Riders are in a hot mess and would be in trouble convincing any FA to sign there lol unless they overpay

They have the cheer leaders throwing balls trying oout for QB. No they will be just Fine at QB bet on it.

So will we get to hear who is talking to who?

Will a player who gets no offers be able to re-sign with their current team before the 14th?

Apparently yes, they can sign with their own team. Riders just signed Anthony Lanier on Feb 6th, one day into the open FA window.

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I don't know if we are in a better position than Montreal but we are in a better position than when we had Maas. Oh wait a minute, I guess that does mean we are in a better position than Montreal. Lol

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Maas gets fired by Labor day and the chipmonk takes the coaching reins.