Free Agency dangers

Free Agency is fun to watch but generally not a precursor to a teams success, especially when adding more than a key player or two imo.

That said it certainly paid off for Ottawa last year. But generally teams loading up with FA have many, many holes to fill. And adding top dollar FAs in numbers, all coming from different coaching philosophies can blow-up.

Strategic additions like Patrick Watkins in Edmonton last year, adding a key player familiar with the coach is solid. But I'm wary of teams adding 4,5,6 FA in a fell swoop. Outside of Ottawa last year it just never seems to work.

Toronto focusing on one guy, NI LT Bourke, seems like a sane way to go.

Didn't the Riders load up on star FAs before winning the 2013 grey cup?

When you stink, it's best to take a shot at improving through FA than hoping that what you've been doing will suddenly result in success.

I don't think the Riders loaded up on other teams FAs that year.
They did pay top dollars to their own FAs however.

I agree with regard to signing FA Imports, but what other possible means did a team like Winnipeg have to improve their NI talent?

Canadian talent is the key to winning in the CFL, and there's no way any team is going to draft a pair of guys who could be immediate starters this year like Harris and Sholo.

Teams get in trouble when they throw big dollars at non QB Imports - - like the asinine $180k contracts that were given to mediocre guys like Nick Moore and Mo Price.

They did.

In 2013 Riders desperately needed some toughness and proven winners who knew what it takes to be a champion.

They signed Ricky Foley, Dwight Anderson and Weldon Brown. Traded for Geroy Simon. Brought back John Chick from the NFL.

No question that adding several FAs is tempting when looking at a quick turnaround. I just don’t remember it having that much of a short term positive effect much less long term success.

I completely agree with you. Ottawa may not even really be comparable. The bulk of their signings was at one single position that was a glaring need. They didn't throw 2-3 new guys in every position group. They tried to apply continuity where injuries didn't dictate otherwise.