Free Agency 2021

So with a no season this year, does the league carry on like it was played and start all over with free agency or push all contracts back 1 year?? Any one got an answer??

There was a 2020 thread for this, but I guess it's time for a new one.

Here's a response from DaveDaHammer in an entirely different thread.

Add to the following also all the players whose contracts expire 15 Feb 2021 anyway, who are also right now practically free agents. Many I figure will be released early.

Via DaveDaHammer 20 Aug 2020:

The CFL are granting releases to players that wish to try the NFL like the Stamps' Nate Holley. The CFL and CFLPA have to negotiated player releases, but the CFL will grant them releases. The CFL will release players with short term contracts, terminate contracts once the said player signs a NFL or other football league contract(German Max Zimmermann signed with a Finnish football team and was released by the Riders). If they don't sign elsewhere the remain year is pushed back a season later. The long-term contracts signed by stars like B-L Mitchell, T Harris, Z Collaros, etc. stay in in effect. Mind you this isn't set in stone yet. I came across this watching the Rod Petersen Show on YT/Game+ TV

As follows was my comment, reformatted, updated, and edited for clarification here, from 3 weeks ago in anticipation of no season in 2020:

Well now this will get interesting for the CFL and for the NFL for that matter.

Imagine, as is looming for early 2021, "TRIPLE PLUS" free agency!

We have now:

  1. All the free agents signed in the off-season early this year
  2. All the new draft picks
  3. Another round of draft picks
  4. All the new free agents ex-NFLers or otherwise, and a handful of ex-XFL ex-AAF players
  5. See DaveDaHammers' comment above with all the other CFL free agents through Feb 2021

I figure for all but the most seasoned of players under a certain age with a track record and who report to new camps in outstanding shape, there will be downward pressure on minimum or new salaries for various free agents given unprecedented numbers to fill the same number of available slots.

Depending on what 2021 looks like. Former Als (and now former Raiders) William Stanback may be an available FA

No team should have a shortage of cap space....if there's somewhere to go that is

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He could be welcomed back with enthusiasm in Montreal now that James Wilder Jr is out of the picture.


They better move fast!

I was not able to post this in the NFL thread, but of note are these former CFL players in the NFL who have moved up to get more attention already.

Either they'll make the cut by next week, and maybe another NFL team will pick them up later in the season, or they could be back next season.

Van Roten has been promoted, so it's his time to shine to stay on the team beyond this season.

Early August
Greg Van Roten became the starting guard for the NY Jets after they decided to cut a veteran.

Marken Michel had been signed by Carolina. He joined Brandon Zylstra there, who played in some games last season. Their roster is loaded at receiver though, and DJ Moore, Robby Anderson, and Curtis Samuel look like 1-2-3. The Panthers kept 7 receivers last season, and Zylstra was WR6 or WR7.

As noted in the NFL thread with the link, it appears that Jonathan Kongbo could be headed back to the CFL for 2021 given some tough luck with San Francisco '49ers two seasons in a row.

It sounds like he has a serious injury given he's been placed on injured reserve , and I don't know the nature of the injury but he has a long time to recover from it.

NFL Final Cut Day 5 Sept 2020

Well here are a few telling names of interest for a return or otherwise for a CFL future in free agency:

Robert Foster, Bills

Davis Webb, Bills

Brett Rypien, Broncos

Dexter Williams, Packers

Reggie Begelton, Packers

Marken Michel, Panthers

Laquon Treadwell, Falcons

Brett Rypien is staying with the Broncos after his superb performance against the Jets(yeah, I know, It's a the Jets, but a win is a win) on Thursday night. Rypien ain't going going anywhere. That's too bad, he'd make a good CFL quarterback/

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At least not for awhile - it's only one game.

After following the league for a decade, and seeing very, very few players make a transition to the NFL and then of those who manage to make a team, extremely few who actually play very much, here's what I figure.

The minimum term for a rookie contract (i.e. less than 1 season of pro football experience or any QB) should be 2 years. If each side wants the mutual option of 1 year and agrees to it, put that in there too but it is optional.

Then after that if a player wants to go try his way to make an NFL team, so be it. Most will be back if they want to play pro football and are healthy.

And upon return if things in the NFL do not work out, which is the case an overwhelming majority of the time, the contract can be of any term.

Case Study of the Above:
WR Reggie Begelton

He's probably coming back. Good.

He was cut on Tuesday by Green Bay only to be put on the practice roster on Thursday.

Many NFL teams are in dire need of more receiving talent, which is often beyond their WR2 right now and assumes their top two are even healthy to play again any time soon if not now.

A receiver who is cut now says much!

Carolina and Dallas, by contrast, are examples of teams stocked well at the receiver position.

Here are a few of those teams with lack of depth and pro ability at receiver:

Green Bay
New York Giants
Las Vegas

With the great need at the position by these teams and that of other teams now, either it is a quick decision or come on back.

If Begelton is not scooped up within a week, maybe he'll get a chance late in the season at Green Bay but I do not see him benefiting for another season in the NFL.

This is otherwise a great opportunity and the only opportunity other than the local gym and high school now.

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(This post was from October - adjust accordingly)

Deon Lacey has been on and off the practice roster for Buffalo so far. He's back on now.

He's played for three seasons in all games and all of them mostly on special teams between Buffalo and Miami.

For the money involved including the NFL pension, no way I see an NFL team picks him up for next season, so maybe he can return upon a re-opened CFL?

He sure has plenty of game on him!

Bumping this as business is going to pick up.

Also Bo Lokombo released and looks like he's BC bound