Free Agency 2019

So far, FA 2019 for the Red and White looks like same - same.

You have got to respect Huff for what he does year after year. Just the same “steady as she goes”.

I look at other teams and the fans utter dismay with how FA goes every year … wouldn’t know what that feels like since I am a Stamps fan. I have complete faith in the organization’s ability to just stay steady.

Thank you Stampeders for your unwavering standard of excellence year after year!

I will be sitting up in my seats all year doing my part like always!

…I agree Mr.L but have some concerns on defense considering the loss of Claybrooks and a number of key pieces…as long as We score more than They do I guess…

I hear you on the losses, but how many of those folks were injured at some point last year? How many games did we lose with their replacements in? It sucks that some people are chasing money - I understand it’s a business and they are just trying to maximize their return - but every year we go through change.

This year we will have a different defensive philosophy all together. Might be better, might not but it will be different. I just see the organization staying steady and that leaves me at peace.

let me explain it a different way …
I think it is a fair statement to say that for the last two seasons, the Riders have been known to have a weakness on their Offense and specifically their offensive line. Last year their management focused on defense and their defense was fierce. One could say they were a better team last year, because if you look only at wins and losses, they were better … but if you look at what actually happened in their wins, the majority of them were the result of defensive and/or special teams touchdowns. Which could also be interpreted as sheer dumb luck.

Fast forward to this year … they are spending again on defense, but it is clear to anyone looking at that team that their offensive line has been a weakness, so why do they not bring in someone (anyone) to improve the O-line? If Kevin Glenn, Brandon Bridge and Zach Collaros weren’t running for their lives every play, they stay healthy and actually get a chance to make some more passes and probably win a few more games.

To an outside observer, it looks like they really don’t have a plan and I don’t think they really do have a plan.

I do not say these things to “bag” on the Riders! merely to try and make a point.

If you look at the Stampeders as an organization. Year after year. Injury upon injury. Time and again, they always have plan “a”, “b”, “c” and as we saw last year with the receiving core, it looks like they may go all the way to plan “z”. Every year I hear “the Stampeders lost too many players this year so they are going to slide”, but if you look at all the injuries last year and who replaced those injured players (receivers being maybe the exception), most of those players are still with us.

I feel confident that the organization has a vision for this season. I feel confident that we will field a competitive team again this season and even if it is plain to see that our rivals have improved, we will once again show why we are the organization that everyone is chasing. We have earned the “ABC” groups in every city, because we are just that good as an organization, top to bottom and everywhere else.

Hey just my opinion, but I think the record since 2008 speaks volumes about the type of organization the Calgary Stampeders are.

Gotta say I’m a little concerned. Nice having Bo back but like Red said we lost 3-4 top guys and replaced none of them in FA. I can assume Huff has a plan and pieces in place. The Lions and Eskies did very well for themselves.

Good job so far imo. Still time yet.

Two big hits with Davis and Johnson getting paid and moving on but still in the game with Bo on the team. Thought I saw Mrabure re-signed but now I don`t. Nice pickup with Courtney Stephen as well.

Stamps need to add a few more pieces but if they can stay healthy they will be tough once again.

Full disclosure: not a stamps fan.

Good points Joe. Also, its ok to be a closet Stamps fan :wink:

Hard to believe one of the few Stampeder fan forums to be found can go three months without a post.

Gets to the point where you don’t want to post just because you don’t want to break the streak of days not posted.

Dickenson says they are loaded at running back. Anyone taller than 5’ 10"? Believe Terry Williams is one of them.

Bad break with Erdos given the previous losses. He was one they were counting on.

Next man up time once again. Good luck.

Nice to see Arbuckle get some playing time. He looked good in the highlights.

Calgary looking like it has the team thing going again.

Agree on Arbuckle. Really surprised me. He looked even better in the game – confident, composed, and even a little bloody on the cheek.

Biggest shock was on D. All the pundits had erected a collective tombstone over the defense, but they looked really strong in the game. Granted, it was against a horrid Rider offense, but it was still an eyebrow raiser.

Whether it’s Injuries retirements free agency or the NFL, the Stamps o-line is a constant revolving door, yet every year it is the best. Dimitri Tsoumpas (who won a couple of MOPs for Cornish) Brett Jones, Stanley Bryant, Derek Dennis and other guys like Craighead, Erdos, Bergman, the list just keeps going on and on and on. The running game is top every year and no one ever lays a finger on Bo Levi. And this goes all the way back to the beginning of Huf. It is the big secret of the Stamps success. It really is incredible how they always get it done.

As for Arbuckle, I was at the game in BC, he looked great in that 2nd quarter, 2 TD drives, that one under the goalposts with 2 pass rushers in his face was top.

That’s a great observation regarding the Calgary O-line.

Do you think it’s a matter of great coaching, or is it a front office success in who they find to fill those holes? And if it’s coaching, does that credit go to Dickenson or Offensive Line coach Pal Delmonico? (I just looked up his name, and discovered to my shock that Calgary does not have an Offensive Coordinator. Of course, it would be hard to find an OC better than Dickenson, but it was still a surprise).

This year, it was “the Stampeders lost too may defensive players.”

I know pre-season is meaningless, but I was impressed with the Stampeder defense in their first game against the Riders.

Not sure what happened against the Lions. It almost felt like the Stamps took their foot off BC’s throat in the fourth quarter. But it was certainly a better defense than a lot of people predicted.

I’m really not certain. Offensive line play is so difficult to judge from just watching TSN highlights. I would think it would be a combination. I’ve thought about DelMonaco and I’m sure his share of the credit is significant, but this has been going on before he got there. Huf has to be the mastermind I would think. Whether that’s directly hand picking linemen or has scouts and coaches that in place that he can trust to find the guys that he wants.

Apparently in recent seasons DelMonaco actually runs most or all of their free agent camps himself. That’s telling of their priorities. I think also that shows that there are two guys for sure and probably three (Pat, Huf and coach DD) that are all on the same wavelength regarding who they’re looking for for o-line and how to get the best out of them.

It’s certainly something more than just blocking schemes and play calls. Calgary slide protects just like everyone else. They trap and kickout just like everyone else. They just do it better, consistently. It’s in the personnel, who they bring in and how they get the best out of them.

That’s a great answer, and some terrific insight on Delmonaco running their free agent camps.

Has Dickenson’s coaching crew been the same for the last few years? While we all spend a lot of time analyzing and discussing pivots and defensive ends, I’ve always believed the coaches are the keys to success. And I’m a big fan of coaching trees (head coaches whose assistants and coordinators go on to become head coaches elsewhere). I’m definitely not a fan of Claybrooks, but I appreciate where he came from.

If the staff has been consistent, it would help explain why Calgary is always in the running for a Cup despite the carousel of players, a carousel that seems to decimate other teams year in and year out.