Free Agency 2016

The list has been posted. Who to keep, who to let go?

On the offence, you gotta keep Bowman and Stafford. I'm on the fence with Kendall Lawrence after his horrible Grey Cup performance.

On defence, Sewell and Sherritt are probably the biggest names.

Cory Watson has been extended through 2017: ... 7-1.403768

An agreement has been worked out with McCoil. He has until May 1st to sign a NFL contract, otherwise he returns to the Eskimos through 2017: ... s-1.404614

The stinking Riders will be looking for a starting QB better lock up ours with long contracts

Edmonton should try to re-sign their 2016 potential free agents. Unless re-signed, here are some players that Chris Jones may sign,once free agency begins on February 9,2015:

Adarius Bowman WR
Aaron Grymes DB
Kendial Lawrence SB/KR
Almondo Sewell DT


He can take Lawrence, but I don't think he will . Grymes should be first Sewell then Bowman .

Where do Reilly and Franklin stand contract-wise? If we have both signed already, I'd set we're set at QB. Sign Lynch or bring someone else in, doesn't really matter.

Given Jones is a defensive guy, I'd say Hervey needs to sign our defensive FAs first.

Grymes would be the first, I think he's the best DB in the league right now . Seawell would be good too but a lot easier to replace then Grymes.
They can take Lawrence
Lynch plays many roles but only if the price is right.

Finally! Something to get excited about. Bowman and Sewell are signed through 2017! :rockin:

[url=] ... nd-sewell/[/url]

Hopefully next will be Grymes, Sherritt, and Stafford. :thup:

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Everytime an Eskimo re-signs and doesn't go to the Riders an angel gets its wings #cfl :wink:

Bowman and Sewell are huge signings, Stafford, Sherritt and John White need to be next. (White for cheap)

Grymes is going to the Arizona Cardinals I believe. I honestly think he is good enough to play opposite of Patrick Peterson... Hopefully they miss that fact and release him to come back here and play in the green and gold.

Additional signings NEED TO BE

Willie Jefferson
Don Oramasionwu
Sean Whyte
Shamawd Chambers

That sucks about Grymes, but best of luck to him. Arizona’s a good team.

Sean Whyte is extended through 2016

Dexter McCoil who was released by Edmonton in December,2015, to try the NFL, was signed by the San Diego Chargers,today.


That sucks. But good luck. :thup:

According to the CFL main page: "– The Edmonton Journal‘s Norman Cowley reported Wednesday that Kenny Stafford, Aaron Grymes, Willie Jefferson and practice roster defensive back Kacy Rodgers — all pending free agents — have attended workouts with various NFL teams during the past several weeks."

Losing Grymes and Stafford would definitely suck. Hervey needs to put a rush of signing Sherritt.

Today, the Washington Redskins have signed Willie Jefferson.


All the best to these guys, but I hate losing players to the NFL.

I guess because we are the champs, we got more attention from the NFL this year?

Who were the last two or three Eskimos' players to head South?

Boulay and Miller signed extensions. Not exactly earth shattering. I have this bad feeling that Jones is waiting to poach Sherritt and Stafford.

[url=] ... s-1.429928[/url]

Update: Read on the Edmonton Journal site that the extensions are for 2016 and 2017. Also, we're apparently paying Bowman $250,000.

We need to sign Grymes and Sherrit. Offer sufficient to keep Kendial but with Joe McKnight in the mix Lawrence may be gonzo. I would make a play for Capicotti, Jermaine Gabriel, Courtney Stephen, Watman and maybe Cory Greenwood or Plesius if Sherritt leaves.