Free agency 2010/2011

A little early I know, but i'm curious to see who's on the way to FA from each team providing they don't re-sign in the coming months that is.
Here's who I know of from Hamilton:
Chris Bauman N/I WR Status:Unsigned
Geoff Tisdale Imp DB Status:Unsigned

IMO of those two, Bauman will sign in Winnipeg and Tisdale will heavily stress his NFL options until later in the 2011 season.
So with Heffney becoming a FA, does Hamilton go into a bidding war for him?

I get the feeling Hefney will either re-sign or go back to the NFL. Not really sure why… that’s just what I feel.

Bombers will lose Phillip Hunt to the NFL, at least temporarily, unless he’s worried enough about the lockout possibility…

Lobendahn and Dorian Smith are pending Free Agents… Jon Oosterhuis is as well, but he’s been loyal to the Bombers for a while, I think he’ll be back.

I don't think Hunt will be a FA though - if he goes to the NFL it will be through the option year window which is still in effect since he signed his extension before the new CBA was ratified.

Did Suitor say that Ray and Zabransky are going to be potential FAs? I thought I read somewhere that Shea Emry is possibly eligible to be a FA too. Maybe a Montreal fan can confirm that.

This article mentions some free agents...

The Winnipeg Sun said in an article that the Bombers are believed to have 10 players who are potential FAs but they only named 9 players who they believe are in that group:

Jonathan Hefney (DB, import), Joe Lobendahn (MLB, import), Dorian Smith (DT, import), Yvenson Bernard (RB, import), Keyuo Craver (DB, import), Pierre-Luc Labbe (LB, NI), Obby Khan (C, NI), Jon Oosterhuis (FB, NI), Daryl Stephenson (FB, NI).

Edmonton Journal is reporting that the following Eskimos are potential free agents:

Kelly Campbell, Walter Curry, Skyler Green, Jason Nugent, Tim St. Pierre and Chris Thompson

From ... story.html

Eskimos should get rid of Campbell.. I think he is overrated.... On second thought.. they can keep him.. lol

I’d probably keep Thompson… not sure about the others.

I'd be happy to bring Campbell into Hamilton and see if we can't return him to old form.We always seem to get new life out of used up players :wink:

Either that or you'll see Stala and Mann start dropping passes... :smiley: