Free Agency 16'

Free Agency ..who would've thought....

... Now that fa has almost gone quiet, who could've/would/ve pictured the signing of Dressler,which was big, but signing Andrew Harris (I know a lot of people saw that one coming) Medlock....Smith....Cummings.... Shologan..Keeping and to a lesser extent Lochard ...who would have put money on us signing that many difference makers...We have raised the talent level on this team significantly and a playoff spot is definitely within reach ...I know that there's a lot of negative thought by some who say you can't buy a winner... Sure some teams that have tried that approach have failed to field a winner....but is it always the case....The one scenario out of all this is we NEEDED to upgrade and bad decisions in the past finally took it's toll...This is the team NOW that should've been, and we will no longer be seen as patsies or as a lame duck...Can't wait to see these guys in action and with a healthy Drew Willy behind centre, this club is definitely going to 'burn' a few clubs this year....T.C. can't come quick enough :rockin:

Looking forward to the draft first. It'll tell us a lot about how this club may shape up on the field. The more I look at this roster to more I feel like we may be starting 3 imports on the OL, even if we draft OL with both of our 2nd rd picks. First, of the few mock drafts available so far, there's a lot of expectation that most of the top OL will be gone by the time we pick 9th. I wouldn't be surprised to see 4 of the top OL gone in the top 8 picks either. Second, with the way some NFL teams were throwing out invites to CFL-draft eligible players last year, if the same goes this year there are no guarantees as to who eventually makes it to their CFL camp. And even if we did start 3 Nationals at Oline, if one of them is Neufeld we may be forced to go 3 imports sooner or later.

I'm most excited to see how this D looks. The Dline is revamped, LB group is a huge improvement over the ?'s we had all over the place there to start last season, and the secondary is solid IMO. This could be a top 4 D IMO as long as the offense can deliver.

Like the article on the home page says, I think Medlock could the biggest signing we made. I still can't figure Hamilton letting him go. I was saddened they let Lirim go, but replacing him with the best kicker in the league sure dampens the loss. Medlock has never been below 86% and I remember watching him kick some pretty long FGs last year. It sure does open up some options for the offense. After that Harris is the next most significant signing IMO. We may not have signed the most FAs but I think we filled more holes than any other team and with game changing stars. Re-signing Nichols was a really good idea too.. I find myself thinking about the team again and I can't wait for opening KO.

....Can't overlook the draft but with later pics in what some are saying is a weak draft class...I'm not as excited as other years....I agree we'll probably go O line with 9, however I'm not ruling out a package deal for our first 2 pics to get a higher pic... David Onyemata would be a guy we could consider but o line is probably paramount...A coach was in the training room at IGF when Onyemata was working out and said this kid is STRONG...In fact he couldn't recall a player with such physical strength ever.. Not that it's all about strength but it sure doesn't hurt... In any event he'll most likely get a lot of nfl attention Draft first then tc....gonna be a long wait after fa got everyone all excited

I would love Onyemata. It's about time we managed to keep a Bison product at home. Big problem with him is that his showing at the East/West Shrine game and raw potential opened up a lot of US eyes and he's virtually assured to have a NFL camp invite. This may cause him to slip a bit in the draft, into the 2nd round but probably not so far as the third. I wouldn't be opposed to using one of the two picks as a futures pick, especially since he'll probably be gone by the time we draft next. With only 4 national OL on the roster, only way I see us trading both our 2nd round picks to move up into the first round is to take on of the top 4 OL and not Onyemata.

....Yes sir Onyemata would be a super signing...I'll put that in the dream-on category...I agree Wolverine...if he's around in the later rounds...big maybe on that one..I'd say definitely draft him...I'd luv to see this guy in camp year...BUT when I see how we've waited for some of our high-end pics to show Bilukudi and Mulumba...the shine goes off of them pretty quick :frowning:

No it sure isn't always the case. Look at Sask. 2013. That championship was pretty close to being bought. I see no reason not to use free agency as a means of building a team. It sure speeds up the process and with these new 1 year deals, gone are the days of putting your favorite players name on your jersey as the movement is now is just way to prevelant. I would bet that not 3% of the players on the Rosters this year will end up with the same team throughout their career. So good on Bomber management for loading up. Someone was going to sign these guys so have at er I say. Anyone whining about this approach has to realize, the players were there for them to make an offer also if they wanted them so bad.

.....Sounds about right Taleback....The one year deals have made a profound difference in the way teams go about their business..Also Walters has seen how things turned out for Taman and he'll most likely do everything he can to avoid the same outcome...He was pretty shrewd with his signings to eventually end up with very few top end fa's that needed to be retained and a fistful of cash was at the ready...I think Walters is a lot more savvy than a few people want to admit and they are reluctant to give him credit ...I think as long as the one year deals stay in place he'll be top of his game...These times, in this league, they are a changin' :wink:

It doesn't matter what Walters does because the way he will ultimately be judged by most people is wins, playoffs, and Grey Cups. Since he took over the mess Mack made this team has been almost entirely been gutted. There are what, only a handful of guys left from that era like Bryant Turner, Kohlert, Denmark, and Wild. You can argue maybe we would've been better off with a massive purge from the start like what Jones has done with the Riders, and maybe we would have and be further ahead but who really knows. Still some questions in the roster but we've managed to keep adding players who not only are good players but have become part of this community. And Walters has managed to get a number of them to agree to multiyear deals whereas a lot of other teams have only gotten one year deals, all the while doing a good job managing the cap. With all these short term deals, the key going forward I think is going to build a solid core of a roster that will be around for 3-4 years or more with the short term deals on the fringes so they won't really hit your team badly every off season. I think we're getting there.

....The way I look at it, it is definitely make or break year for the guys at the top...If our plan was a slow grind to rebuild it has to come to fruition NOW...especially when you see the way the riders did things with a purge...Although both approaches to reach the same end definitely are different it still hasn't been proven out for either club...Quick turnarounds do happen (see RedBlacks 0f 15') BUT they don't happen often ...I still think our slow build, eventually leading to the 'big-bang' in fa 16' is/was the way to go...We have slowly put together a solid fabric that needed key pieces to culminate in success (still to be proven)...It's all out there now and it's 'do or die' that's a certainty...A little aside to fa, is the fact now being reported on the main CFL page, that the reason a lot of free agents wanted to play for us is Mike O'Shea...When interviewed that was their response...We want to play for Mike O'...I like what I'm hearing.. :thup:

I read that too, that the FAs wanted to play for O'Shea and I thought that was great. Then I wondered about the guys who were playing for him for the last two years ????

....He's a players coach that's for sure Dan...I get a little worried when he appears to be a little too soft...BUT all and all I think O'Shea is coming onto his own as a head coach (and apparently taking on special teams)..We shall see what the season brings.. :slight_smile: