Frederick Plesius gets NFL mini-camp invite

I'm a little bummed about this news on a Tiger-Cats front, but happy for him to get a chance at making a way better living from football. I wish him luck and I hope he knows we will all be impatiently waiting for him to return to us just like Giguere did! :lol: :thup:

I wish him well but I doubt he sticks in the NFL. If teams aren't sure he can be a linebacker in the CFL then it's unlikely he'll be one in the NFL.

Players report May 11 camp starts May 12, runs three days, we won't have long to wait.

In the CFL a linebacker usually weights between 210-230lbs, which is why some "experts" question whether Plesius will play defensive line or linebacker. Plesius is 240lbs, witch is the stereotypical size for a linebacker in the NFL(230-250lbs) and Plesius is an amazing athlete for his size and he tackled and covered very well as a linebacker at the college level.

That being said I could see him possibly securing a practice roster spot with the Eagles, but if he does end up getting released, Hamilton is getting their Middle Linebacker of the future.. I see Rey Williams playing this season and then moving over for Plesius to take over in the middle.

Don't be surprised if we see a francophone middle linebacker one two punch in a year from now.. Frederick Plesius as our starter and our 2011 5th round draft pick Patrick Jean-Mary as his back up.

Is it because of his size? I thought it was just because of his skill set. Starting non-import middle linebackers are rare.

Well after watching highlights of Plesius I would say he has all the tools to be a starting linebacker in this league..

Also there are quite a few Canadian middle linebackers..Shea Emery(MTL), Jason Pottinger(TOR), Tristan Black(TOR), Mike Cornell(EDM), Mike McCullough(SSK).. I'm sure I'm missing a couple but these are all starting Canadian middle linebackers so you get my point.

Augustin Barrenecea (sp) was a starting NI MLB.

And with the bombers releasing Joe Lobendahn, you could add Henoc Muamba to the list. Ray Mariuz was one a starter as well. But guys like Auggie and Ray didn't last long as starters. Really right now the only guys that start are Muamba and Emry. Shea Emry is great but Muamba is an unknown at this point.

At the very least, Plesius would be a demon on special teams in the CFL.

Maybe it was this, not his whole 'would he be a lineman or a linebacker' deal that scared other teams away from drafting him. Maybe nobody wanted to take their chances that he would go to the NFL.

Plesius was not offered a training camp invite or contract by the Eagles. His agent tells him to be patient.... :roll:

I hope he's a happy camper because his agent will probably have him on the tryout trail.

According to a source to TSN....

[b]According to a source, the Philadelphia Eagles do not plan to offer contracts to wide receiver Shamawd Chambers or linebacker Frederic Plesius, two former CIS players who attended their rookie mini-camp last week.

Both players could still get interest from other NFL teams before the start of CFL training camps next month.

Chambers (Wilfrid Laurier) was taken 6th overall in the CFL Draft by the Edmonton Eskimos, while Plesius (Laval) went 10th overall to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.[/b]

Looks like he will be in camp afterall........

Plesius taking his ball and going home... As I said good luck dealing with that agent.

J’ai encore un goût amer de notre défaite à la dernière coupe Vanier, a-t-il avoué à la chaîne TVA Sports, jeudi. Je veux obtenir mon diplôme et je veux jouer dans la NFL. Je remercie l’organisation des Tigers-Cats, mais ce sera pour une autre année.»

Plesius a ajouté que l’entraîneur-chef du Rouge et Or, Glen Constantin, appuyait entièrement sa décision.

Âgé de 24 ans, Plesius avait été repêché au 10e rang par les Tiger-Cats, lors du dernier encan de la LCF.

I still have a bitter taste in my mouth about our loss at the Vanier cup. I want to obtain my degree and I want to play in the NFL. I thank the Tiger-Cats but it will be for some other time (year).

Well, maybe next year. Who knows maybe the Ticats will have a home game at Laval against the Als and the locals will come out in big numbers to watch Plesius and Giguere.

A Tiger-Cat [b]home[/b] game against the Alouettes in Quebec?

Forget it!

You might be surprised how much support they would get. Think if the Argos were playing a home game against Montreal in Hamilton....

Here we go again. Did Sam G. speak with Frederick and offer some NFL advise? Never going to happen Freddy boy.

I think it would generate more revenue for the Ticats than playing a home game in London or Moncton. I think Quebec football fans would love to see a CFL game there especially with a few ex-Laval players on the field. Can you imagine the number of Montreal fans that would drive to Quebec to cheer on the Als, they could probably cram 30,000 plus in there with some temporary stands and standing room only. With the hatred that Quebec has for Montrealers they would come oout in droves to cheer for the Ticats.

The CFL on TSN twitter feed is reporting that Plesius has decided to return to Laval for his senior year.

Good move Fred, your special.