Freddie Mitchell, will it be Philadelphia all over again?

Freddie Mitchell entered Philadelphia as the the 25th overall pick in the 2001 NFL draft. After that FredEx never had more than 35 receptions in one seaon. If Toronto does sign "The People's Champ" will he get suffient playing time?

i think he will get to play a lot possibly....they got arland bruce and tony miles as there top 2 then they got talbot and mitchell battling it out for the 3rd position i would say...even if hes thier 4th he will still get play alot but i dont think hes worth the trouble....montreal suposebly wants to get rid of thyrone anderson id rather the argos get him than an unproven big mouth

Adam Rita said Freddie is still in the 'NFL mode'
and he expects him to wait for some interest there.

i dont think we are signing mitchell we dont need another big mouth

mitchell is garbage, the argos need to stop bringing in all this nfl trash, enough of this. Why are the argos always wanting to sign other teams excess baggage, the argos are turning into bengals north.

The argos should spend money and build their own stadium and stop wasting on this type of trash.