freddie mitchell to the argos?

just watching sportscentre, and there was a brief story on the possibility of ex-eagles receiver freddie mitchell joining the argos next year. it showed him and quarterback mike mcmahon playing catch in front of some argo personnel, including pinball. sorry, cant find a link, just saw it on TV.

wow that wud be huge for the boatmen.

Another thread was started with a link
to a Toronto Star article on this guy.
click here

thats a link I found on tsn...I'd like to see more of this from the cats

Mitchell aka Fredex is awful. I hope the Cats dont bring in guys like him. The argos signing Andre Rison really worked too.


Just another import receiver.

They're a dime a dozen.

Bio on Mike McMahon

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look at the scouting report, holds the ball and takes way to many hits.

Tackling dummy for the cats sign him up Toronto!

I will give you a nickel for 6.
We have "2" Curry??? and DaVon Fowlkes, and I thought coach T said that Fowlkes would not be back in his web address to TiCat nation.

We need a bunch signed in a hurry!!

Let them have another NFL guy, it has worked out so well for:
2)RJ Soward

In the end, who cares? Not me! We have seen too many "names" come up here and try to play the game and it hasn't worked. It works in a very few cases.

oh no! not Mitchell.

just another washed up NFL player. there are recievers in the CFL that are much more talented then he is.

Let's be fair about this. I agree lots of NFLers who come North bomb but Ricky (broken arm and cut heel) and Crouch (shoulder injury and surgery) never had a chance to get into gear to see how they'd do in the CFL. RJ's ego was bigger than his talent--bye bye Soward. Crouch may still turn out to be a keeper. I think he can play.

An Argo fan

is mcmahon looking to sign too ?
he plays a very similar style to damon allen .... patient in the pocket and can run well !