Fred Stamps

What's up with Fred Stamps?

Blood pressure? Weight?

That is kinda vague , not sure what you are wondering.

He was released by the Als and as of now, no team has picked him up.

He can still play, so I am sure he will find a spot.

If that is what you were asking.

He's 34 years old now, and has struggled the last couple of years. I don't see him getting a look anywhere now.

In 2011, the Lions won the Cup. Geroy Simon was 36 and Arland Bruce was 34.

Experience is important. He will have slowed down, but he has the moves and the hands.

His only draw back is his injuries might be catching up to him.

Difference being that those two didn't have 2 consecutive unproductive seasons prior to that. Even younger players get released if their numbers start to drop. I watched him live about 5 times over the last couple of years. He just doesn't get open regularly anymore.