Fred Stamps will likely be traded

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Following this article under the title LATE HITS it says Fred may likely be traded.


(Edmonton) Stamps played 14 games (14 starts) and, despite missing four games,

ended the season as the[b] team's top receiver with

80 catches for 1223 yards and five touchdowns[/b].

He was the Eskimo nominee for Most Outstanding Player.


(Edmonton) Stamps played all 18 games (18 starts)

and finished as the[b] LEAGUE'S leading receiver

with 85 receptions for 1402 yards and eight touchdowns. [/b]

[b]Stamps was the Eskimo nominee for Most Outstanding Player

and was named a West Division All-Star, CFL All-Star and CFLPA All-Star.[/b]


Fred Stamps SB Import College Louisiana-Lafayette

Height 6.00 Weight 188 Born 1981-12-10 New Orleans, LA

Years Playing 4 CFL / 4 Edmonton Media CentreMore Media


Rec. Yards Avg TD
80 1223 15.3 5

Team No. Yards Avg Long TD
STAMPS, F 2007 EDM 28 289 10.3 21 0
STAMPS, F 2008 EDM 50 751 15.0 46 6
STAMPS, F 2009 EDM 85 1,402 16.5 63 8
STAMPS, F 2010 EDM 80 1,223 15.3 51 5

Career Total 243 3,665 15.1 63 19

Four Eskimos named CFLPA All-Stars
Stamps and Thompson named West Division All-Stars
Stamps sidelined with dislocated shoulder

Acquired: Re-signed on January 29, 2009.

Originally signed as a free agent on December 10, 2006.

Career: Stamps was originally signed by the San Francisco 49ers as an undrafted free agent in 2004

and spent time on the practice squad of the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars.

In 2007, Stamps played in nine games (seven starts) for the Esks.

He spent five games on the disabled list when he underwent an appendectomy mid-season.

In 2008, he emerged as one of the Esks’ top receivers with
50 receptions for 751 yards and six touchdowns in 14 games (14 starts).


He attended Louisiana-Lafayette for four years from 2000-2003 and was
a two-time First Team All-Conference (Sun Belt) selection

and ended his college career in 2003 with a 44-game receiving streak—

the second-longest active streak in the nation at the time.

At New Orleans’ Carver High School, Stamps

broke some of alumnus Marshall Faulk’s records.

He competed in football, baseball and track & field.

Fred and his wife, Tamika, have a son Fred Jr.

Welcome to the Ticats Fred :thup: :cowboy:

Not the only SB the Esks may be looking to unload:

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As much as I like Chris Bauman and I beleive he could very well be another Tony Gabriel type of a receiver, I would trade Stamps for Bauman straight up. Nicholson or Carter could have an opportunity to step it up. Any thoughts????????

If we could re-sign Bauman and trade him for Stamps, sign me right up.Then take Anthony Parker in the draft to go along with Stala and Carter.IMO we should pursue WR's in this order.

1.Fred Stamps
2.SJ Green
3.Kelly Campbell

I think anyone of us would make a Stamps-for-Bauman straight up trade. But, unless there's some negative secret about Stamps, that only the Stampeder organization knows, I don't think they (Calgary) would.

I'm sorry but Stamps is an Eskimo and a very exciting reciever who would look great in black and gold!

Bauman is a free agent. Even if he was under contract, if you were Tillman, would you trade Stamps for him straight up?

IF I believed that Bauman is the receiver that he showed he could be during a few games this season, then absolutely I would because of his Canadian citizenship!

I'm a little fogged. Why would Edmonton trade away their top receiver? Wouldn't they be able to sign some Canadian O-lineman in the upcoming draft? I mean, after you take away Stamps, who's left in that receiving corps? Kelly "The Dropper" Campbell? Who does Ricky Ray throw to?

Stamps was unstoppable against the Ticats in the last 3 years. He won a few games against us almost singlehandedly.

But is Tillman trying to trade a big contract? Remember, we already have Bruce and Mann at receiver with big contracts. Not sure we could pay Stamps, too.

Tillman would also want either Hage, Dyakowski or Rottier in a trade. I would be fine with that because I think our run blocking stunk for the most part last year. But I'm not sure Obie would give up on these kids so quickly.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Stamps and Ray head to Toronto in a multi-player trade. Toronto needs a QB, and the Argos have a bunch of talent on the defensive side of the ball to barter.

bluetes wrote:
" I wouldn't be surprised to see Stamps and Ray head to Toronto in a multi-player trade. Toronto needs a QB, and the Argos have a bunch of talent on the defensive side of the ball to barter."

   I would hate to see this happen.  I would not like to see us sitting idly by while the Blue team stocks up on players of this calibre. They beat us in the playoffs this year [b]without[/b] these guys!  <!-- s:cry: -->:cry:<!-- s:cry: -->

First thought that entered my mind when I saw this thread: “Please don’t let Toronto get him.”

I’d take him in a heartbeat, but IMO Tillman will be looking to recieve some canadian talent in exchange for Stamps. Not sure what we could offer in that aspect, maybe a package including Matt Carter? (If we can re-sign Bauman).

8) TSN reporting that Fred Stamps, Chris Thompson, and Walter Curry have all signed new contracts today with Edmonton.


  Looks like Tillman is grabbing everything in sight. Hope Obie's new assistant has lots of contacts!

SSK also announced some signings today including a Marauder:

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The Als and the Cats are the only teams to have made no announcements related to player moves or signings, so far, in the month of December.

I dunno, I mean Stamps is good, don't get me wrong but we have a fairly ample receiving core right now. I think our priority should be some DBs and a replacement for Porter.

IMO #1 priority should be Running Back.

Stamps and Chris Thompson resigned with the Eskies yesterday.

few solid DB's first, RB second, DT 3rd, WR 4th, LT 5th,2nd string QB 6th.
All need to be accomplished if 2011 is going to be of any success.