Fred Stamps to Miss 4-6 Weeks
Edmonton Eskimos wide receiver Fred Stamps underwent emergency abdominal surgery on Saturdayday at a Winnipeg hospital.

Stamps was injured early in Edmonton's 28-16 loss to the Blue Bombers Friday night but finished the game.

"Fred was experiencing significant discomfort after the game," said Eskimos general manager Eric Tillman. "He was taken to hospital for tests which determined that there was some internal bleeding and surgery was required. The surgery was successful and Fred will remain in hospital for a few more days. Our medical staff is projecting that he'll be sidelined 4–6 weeks."

Stamps, who had 3 catches for 41 yds on the night, leads all CFL receivers with 33 receptions for 619 yds and five touchdowns this year.

Football is secondary at a time like this and Fred will be in our thoughts and prayers during his recovery," added Tillman.

Real tough news for Edmonton, who are already missing Bowman. Does anybody know when he's supposed to be back?

From Mark Masters:

Stamps had emergency abdominal surgery:!/markhmasters/sta ... 1307203584

Tillman says Stamps is expected to miss 4-6 weeks:!/markhmasters/sta ... 6721606656

I love watching Fred Stamps play. One of the best in the game right now. Wishing him a speedy recovery.


Huge loss! Wishing him all the best, but I forsee the Esks taking a step backwards without him in the O.

Not good news at all for Fred Stamps. As for Bowman; he's out with a rib injury for now atleast and is on the 1 game injury list until Aug.10th

Wow, that's terrible news for the Esks, although I can't say I'm sorry that Stamps will be out next week when Edmonton plays my Als -- guy has torched us in the past.

terrible news for him and the esks. good news for db's from other teams.

That blows he was having such an amazing season. Oh well he will be back and tearing it up. Best of luck Stamps!


....It's a good thing they caught that internal bleeding quickly....Dangerous stuff...Tough break for a very good receiver...I thought he was hurt on the very first play when he collided with Hefney and was surprised to see him come back at all....Tough kid...He'll recover quickly///

Good they caught it quickly, glad he’s ok. Tough loss but it could’ve been a lot worse, at least he should be back fairly soon.

Me and my dad thought the exact same thing. We were both very surprised when he came back in. Apparently that was where he suffered the injury.

It's good to hear he's going to be okay. I certainly wish him a speedy recovery. And with the Esks decision to stay in Winnipeg for a few days before going to Montreal he's sure to have lots of visitors while he's in the hospital.

I cant believe he finished the game with internal bleeding. He made some very nice plays after that too, mainly the one where he jumped over Suberand made the catch, this is a tough kid and im sure he will make a speedy recovery.

...if there was one player on the esks I wouldn't want to see play for the LDC and rematch game it would be Stamps...but not like this....speedy recovery to him...

All the best to stamps! One of the best in the league for sure....very sad :frowning:

I second that.

Yea, like before he got on a plane ...

I guess it's just good work by the esks medical staff and the Winnipeg hospital. Lookin after our guys. :thup:

That wasn't a factor in this case since they wouldn't have been getting on a plane because they weren't going back to Edmonton after the game. The team had already made arrangements to practice in Winnipeg this week before going on to Montreal.