Fred Stamps loses testicle :o

It seems that the "abdominal" injury Stamps incurred in game 6 of the season was in fact a testicle injury, in which he waited until the season was over before having it removed.

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all the best to him and hope he has a full recovery.

...the way he plays I'm pretty sure he has three of them anyways

Ironic that he had the balls to keep playing all year with that injury! Well done is all I have to say, well done indeed.

That's insane.. what a tough guy. Unbelievable. He played pretty darn well after coming back for a guy with that kind of injury.

Man, I'm cringing just thinking about this. And he played through that.

I can't see myself doing much more than rolling on the ground weeping in that situation.

Man, as if it wasn't high enough already, my respect for Stamps has shot up again.

Such a great football player, and such a good person, too.

Sounds like they need a do over vote for toughest player in the league. Wow.

+1 all i can say....I hope he can get back on track next season...Tough playing this game with 2 testicles..Stamps is a good one :thup:

I’m speechless. There’s nothing to say to something like this. :lol: Wow…

Incredibly ballsy of him..
But honestly, this is a class A guy. Certainly among the league's elite receivers.

Wow! Guy's a warrior!

With the protection players wear, you have to wonder how something like that could happen. I do know he left the game early at the game in Winnipeg. I am unaware if any play caused it though.

It could be a recreational injury that happened before the game. I wouldn't want to speculate. A man's balls are his own business.

The guy plays a rough sport - he could've been accidentally stomped on in a dog pile. I can't imagine how anybody could play through that much pain :x

I don't wonder. Even wearing a cup doesn't mean you're immune to injuries. Things, um, shift out of place and if ya get wacked there when the cup isn't right where it should be, you're going to be in a world of hurt.

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A football play; Jonathon Hefney/Fred Stamps - I can't imagine the pain.