Fred Stamps hair

Does anyone know the ruling in regards to hair hanging below the helmet? I was wondering if it is fair game to grab for it in making a tackle or not? I know that I would be inclined to make a grab for it.

I've never seen it so long on a receiver. It'll be pretty painful if it gets pulled.

I dont know about the CFL but it is(or was) legal in the NFL....I dont remember who but I saw someone tackled by the hair once.....The defender got a penalty but not for tackling by the hair.....He pulled to his feet by the hair right after.

Was it Palomalo (sp?) from the Steelers?

It's a penalty.

He is trying to cover up the fact that his name reads "Stamps" on the back of his Eskimo jersey... :stuck_out_tongue: :roll:

That rings a bell

I dont think it should be. If a player has his hair so long that it protects him from being tackled then its his problem

Yeah there should be regulations about hair length. It's bound to get pulled accidentally. It'll be his own fault, but someone will get flagged for unnecessary roughness.

I just want to know why a guy named Stamps is playing for the Eskimos.

I always figured it would be a uniform violation. There are rules that assess teams 10-yard penalties if a player's socks aren't pulled up high enough, but hair is allowed to obscure the name on the back of a player's shirt? That doesn't make sense to me.

Agreed....there is also a rule that says the shirt must be tucked into the pants

If the hair pulling was accidental during a tackle I am sure the refs wouldn't call anything. But if a tackler deliberately attempts to pull a player down by the hair, I am sure it is a penalty.

if it is so long that it creates an advantage then there should be no penalty