Fred Ried

....Great game by Freddy....line him up with Blink in the playoffs and watch the fun.... Ried also had the best special teams tackle of the year on an Als. punt return ...go Freddie...... :thup: :rockin: :lol:

he played an awesome game!

reid did have a great game and broke out of alot of tackles. nice to see. i knew he could do that just couldn;lt get it done last week. great job reid

Reid sure made alot of good plays and allowed the Bombers to run the clock down. Now was it a matter of the Bombers wanting it more or of Reid being more and more comfortable with the offense?

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Fred Reid had a sweet game and i didnt notice this ried guy you are all talking about? are u sure he was out there? :stuck_out_tongue:

After saying I might have been wrong about this kid, he goes and looks like Roberts but Montreal's defence is not Toronto's. He's a keeper so Taman... Using them both would be great. You would have to sacrifice an American somewhere and sit O'Neil I guess.

I have been saying that Reid is a great player all year and that we should use a 2 running back system in the playoffs, if not then FOR SURE next year.

We would need to sacrifice an import, but that shouldn't matter as Kyries Hebert will be gone next year and Ian Logan is a Non-Import.

If Logan wins the safety job next year, keep Reid for sure, but will that make Blink happy?

Obviously not. BLink would be pissed. Someone of his calibur doesnt want to split carries...

Fred Ried did his job well, as a BACK UP. He had 1 good game. He did his job. Now its time for him to go on the sidelines and watch Sir Charles tear it up.

I say maybe, MAYBE line Ried up as a reciever, or work in a splitback formation for a few plays to keep the opposing defense on their heels. But others wise, give Charlie the ball 25+ times, and we will win.

I'm sure he impressed a lot of other CFL GMs as well. Perfect trade bait for a good kicker/punter

...The Bombers have to find a way to get Reid into the play-off picture...even with Blink coming would definitely give the Als. fits, if both of these guys were deployed in the backfield...HOW ...this would affect the player ratio would be the biggest concern...????? :roll:

say goodbe to o'neil and play stoddard and or eckert

I think we would have to sit a receiver as we now use five. I would sit O'Neil instead of Franklin. However, personalities might play a greater part in the make up. Would be interesting though having the O line guessing.

Yeah, he did great he rished for 152 yards, not bad for a 2nd string!

I would hate to see them trade Reid. He will come back to haunt us if they do.

Such a great burst... kept both hands on the ball, has the vision to see past the first level and nice blocker and special teams. What more do you ask for?

not much he has all round abilities and they better kept him to give another aspect to our offence in playoffs and next year.

Reid did look good, if they make it past Montreal, I think you put both backs in for protection purposes and the double threat for running or catching out of the backfield, this would certainly make Torontos D think twice about being so aggressive. As for who will sit, Reid has been on the active list all year, usually on special teams so why would they have to sit anyone for the upcoming game to have him in the lineup. Based on Wilsons performance though and the balls he dropped I would rather have Stoddard in, at least he can hold onto the ball.

It might sound like a good idea having 2 running backs in but the reality is quite a bit different. Reid looked great against Montreal but he didn't do anything Roberts hasn't done in dozens of games and Reid is the same kind of runner as Roberts so it just dilutes the running rather than enhancing it. I'd much rather see Lezi in at Fullback for his blocking on both running and passing plays than the standard 6 receiver crap they've been running all year. As far as Wilson I think he's much more talented than Stoddard who rarely gets open and hasn't added much to the offence in the last 5 years.

Hammerbutt, how exactly does that dilute the running game anymore then it would with Lezi in the backfield blocking exactly? If you look at what Toronto does on defence having a double back set does two things, first of all it makes the linebackers have to key on two runners and secondly it gives max protection to your quarterback on the back side without giving up that dump pass like the double tight end set does. In regards to Stoddard, while he may not be as quick as Franklin or Wilson, he runs crisp routes and actually holds onto the ball when he is hit, the guy is fearless.

Pretty simple Roberts is 5'6" and 170lbs and Reid is 5'8" and 180 lbs neither one of them is a great blocker they're too small. If its a running play having 2 backs in there doesn't confuse the defence it just means you have a 180 lb blocking back instead of a 245 lb fullback. Same applies to having protection for the QB on the backside Lezi does a better job.