Fred Reid should be in the backfield against Montreal

The O-line is leaking oil with key personnel out, which adversely affects the running game. Blink is not breaking through, which places additional pressure on the O-line and the QB. Defenses don't cover the run unless it's a serious threat.

Even with Obie Khan back, I don't have high hopes for the running attack against the Als next week. Something has to change to make the running game a viable threat again. I like the idea of bringing in Fred Reid to help out Charles Roberts and the running game. It will force Montreal to defend against the run and open up room for our "Weapons of Pass Destruction."

No matter who starts as QB next week at home against Montreal, I believe we must establish a solid running game to have any hope of success against a well-coached Alouette football team.

If anyone else has any thoughts on how to improve the Bombers running game, you might want to send these to coach Berry. He seems to have run out of ideas.

back to the drawing board and what do you do now? run game isn't working even though better tonite, Dinwiddie is not their savour but needs more time, i think Glenn is in next game and they should use Reid more, Berry's days are numbered i would say

They should be using both of them, but that might actually work.

i thought a 2 back set with reid and roberts was a good idea near the end of last season
having to treats back there makes alot mroe sence to me

If Berry is willing to take the fall, I'd wish to god that they get rid of Lyle Bauer first. I kid you not. Get rid of that clown.

....i know one thing ....Fred Reid should NOT be returning punts....or anyone else that is presently on the BigBlue roster??????? :thdn: