Fred Perry

Another solid outing for Perry, 4 tackles, one sack, one interception, and one tipped pass. He has been consistently getting to the qb to either rush him or sack him game after game.

Up to this point in the season he has been our defensive MVP and in my opinon our team MVP.

If what he did during that game doesnt get Defensive Player of the Week honours, im going to shoot myself…

Eddie Davis also had a good game, a fumble return for a touchdown and a sack. I thought Fred was better though.

yea i know eddie had a great game as well... You never know, could go eddie being Defensive player of the week and fred being lineman of the week, i could live with that lol

And Keith as offensive player of the week..... :wink:

on the play just before the pick, two little kids behind me were telling their grandpa "fred perry's a monster out there!"

i thought that was hilarious!

good to see Perry get player of the week. Hopefully his engine is still running against Kevin Glenn.

I;d hate to be Winnipeg’s offensive line versus our “hogs”!

Going to be a good game, got my tix, just have to fill up the cooler. Just picturing in my mind the carnage of when Perry and Hunt meet at Glenn. Good night Irene.

fred perry played terrible vs. ham

Give me some of what you are smoking, it seems to have quite a long lasting effect. He was the only unaminous selection in the Player of the Week honours. Still upset about the meltdown the Bombers seem to be in the last few weeks?

I think Perry smells blood and he wants to be the CFL Lineman (or Defensive) MVP! For being 6' 1", he's doing a great job at rush end (a second coming of Bobby Jurasin?)

you're right, Perry played terrible versus Hamilton....terribly destructive!