Fred Perry

Question...What is Fred Perry up to? I know he was injured, went from the Esks to the Bombers, and was then released. As far as I know he is a FA. He was very successful while playing for Hall. I wonder if consideration has been given to calling him? He is 35, and has not played in like a year. I know he and Tillman had a falling out, but Tillman is gone. A move like that would be interesting no?

Or Mo Lloyd. What happened to him after being released by the Esks?

I have heard that he has talked himself out of the league. Apparently he has a pretty massive ego and the reports that he was a cancer in the locker room were based on truths. So big salary + big mouth + big ego = no CFL job
It's too bad as when he was here I thought he was the best LB we ever had.

Reggie Hunt gets my vote.

When BC picked up Jonathan Brown in week 8 last year I was shocked - not that BC would want him, but that Taman DIDN'T want him. Brown sat unemployed all off season did not get a camp invite and was signed in week 8 - WEEK EIGHT!! and that whole time, Taman had not brought in a replacement for Chick or Baggs. Wally later credited Brown, not only for his solid play but as a locker room presence that turned around the season for his defense.

In my opinion, a guy like Brown would have been an excellent pickup for the Riders then, and would still be positive addition right now.

Fred Perry …OMG,why. Surely the Riders aren’t looking at him as starter or even a rotational option.

Look at the FA’s available

Long, Khari…I can’t believe this guy is still available.

Pettway, Kenny…Wanted $$$$$. but is still available, maybe he’s come down from his cloud.

McKay-Loescher, Nautyn… NI. Maybe he’s salvageable

No to Fred Perry
No to Reggie Hunt
No to Mo Lloyd

We don't need washed up older players, or guys with talent but huge ego's to go along with it.

nothing wrong with signing an old "vet" for a one or 2 year deal. they are not playin now, so the price would be right.

Fred Perry works at the U of R.

well damn...if he is right there, he should walk on over to the field some

For me it’d be a tie between him and Jackie Mitchell.

Jackie Mitchell maybe but if 36 year old Fred Perry is to be our defensive saviour - boy this is going to be a long season.

I totally agree!

It is shaping up to be a very long season anyway… :thdn: