I understand Saskatchewan had to let Fred Perry or some other high profile Roughrider go, to stay under the cap or be penalized money or a draft choice(s). I am sad to let him go and appreciate Saskatchewan and other teams that follow the rules. What I do not understand is how Wally Buono can resign all his defensive stars using a contract extension loophole, keep all his star players and neither lose a draft choice nor pay a penalty. The very least we can do as a league is penalize BC and any other team who used (uses) contract extensions a least a draft choice to let them know their choice to undermine the SMS was wrong. If this were the United States a certain senator would be investigating contract extensions. :smiley:

Browniebear....the only people who thing how BC signed contract extensions was a loop hole is the Sask media.

Fact, the provision to front load contracts still exists today. The money from front loaded contracts gets counted in the year it is expended. For example: if the riders had room under the cap this past year (instead of being over), they could have signed any of their free agents and used the money up to the cap amount for front loading.

The difference last year, is that the riders were so far over the cap and had to make so many changes it didn't make sense to front load contracts for players if they weren't going to be around.

It wasn't and still isn't a loop hole.

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Che2007 told y'all that he was in trouble with the law.

Then Mitchell Blair goes ahead and blows that open.
Blair also talks about him arguing with a player, Che2007 knows that whole story. This is all old news infact.

Too bad Che2007 wasn't taken seriously. instead Che2007 was mocked and will probably still be mocked despite these new developments.

Oh well next time. . .

We wanted more info.

And we still want more info.
And I suspect you are right…we still don’t take you seriously.
Posting a link to a forum thread where you were proven wrong, doesn’t somehow redeem you.
Fred Perry is not in trouble with the law.
And I haven’t seen anything about Fred arguing with a player, so…link please.
And Mitchell Blair is as likely to be mocked on this forum as you are, so maybe you want to refer to a better source…

Anyway, nothing we know about this trade redeems anything you originally said.
So let the mocking continue…

Mock, Mock, Mock....... :lol: :lol:
And remember the words of the late great Gregory Peck.
"To kill a mocking bird is a sin."-To kill a mocking bird (1962).

:lol: :lol:

Che2007: you are behaving worse than some of the old biddies that go to my grandmother's quilting bee down in the church basement...

"so and so is having an affair, I don't with whom or where, but that is what I have heard..."

Do you actually take sadistic delight in other people's misfortune or mistakes? Those are the kind of people who when they walk into the local coffee shop, others sink in their chairs hoping he won't notice them and sit with them... Do you want to be one of those types?

can we all just get over this. facts- Perry is in edmonton right now, Jyles is here. Lets let ET do his job, and lets do our jobs and sit, and not complain. Gcup i love your sig and right now is a great time for it :slight_smile:.

I actually cant believe Freddy Wont be a Rider next year..

. . . no.

I did enjoy your post though.

Epescially you calling me Sadistic for reporting to my great friends at verified news about a Roughrider.

Sadistic Delight . . . Wow, that would make a good name for a Heavy Metal album.

Take it from a metal fan. No it wouldn't.


I'd like to know if Ritchie Hall had any input on Fred Perry's release

Yeh that's right i said "release" because it sure wasen't a trade

So if they go out and sign someone like Tom Canada, am I justified in saying it was a good trade, since the money that was freed up would play a large part in acquiring him? can say whatever, all that deal gave us was ifs and buts....then again RH is a coaching guru and will again field the best defense in the league.

Tom Canada is younger than Fred. But better?
Likely not. Marginally is you want to press the issue.
But I don't think so.
Canada wants more money than Fred. Significantly more if the reports are true.
So if we couldn't afford Fred, explain how we afford Canada?
No. Sorry. If they go out and sign Canada, the trade makes less sense, not more....

You are right as far as you goe Mike.
I always put "loophole" in quotes because it certainly wasn't a true "loophole".
But sure, if you have extra cap room, you can always carry that forward to the next year.
But the "loophole" was a one time opportunity to carry a huge amount of cap space forward, with no penalties.
Had the Riders been willing to, or able to afford it, they could have gotten under the cap for 2007 without cutting, or trading even a single player.
Would have meant losing a million instead of breaking even, but it could have been done.

I totally agree, I was just using his reasoning for calling the Perry trade a release to ask a question.

it's called sarcasm or better yet "his reasoning" is a lousy sense of humor.....GO RIDERS

While the Sask media called it loophole....I don't think Austin and/or Tillman were even close to saying we want this or that person back. The only ones that resigned with signing bonuses were the ones they wanted back for sure. BC was in a good situation in that they were able to do it because they knew they didn't want to change that many players and were sure of who they wanted back.

Wally faces a problem in this next year with all his free agencies and option year contract that he will need to resign. There will be a few players going to free agency in 2009.