Fred Perry

I heard from a guy that Fred Perry, due to warrants is unable to leave the USA.

I am sure it will be more than cleared up by the time the season starts but who really knows.

This would suck if its true. Going to look into it

what warrants?

BS, he was in Regina last week.



i heard he was arrested because hes pure DOPE

Because this guy just got owned, we need a couple pics!!!

First an OWNED pic!

Now a funny pic!!!


That Walrus(Paul?) definately drinks the economy sized Margaritas...likely about the size of the ones Jm serves on the boat...

Greatness!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I know I know. I am hilarious.

Well, Fred Perry owns a shop in just off N. Albert St. in Regina.

One of his employees told me that, his boss, Mr. Perry is having trouble getting back into Regina.

The news may be old and it may even be Bullshoit but I certainly did not come up with it all by myself. My imagination is not that good.

No trouble meant.

What store does he own?

You know, that can mean a thousand things. If the transmission went out in his car, he could have trouble. I have a brother in law in Boston who can't leave the USA right now, because he couldn't get back in BECAUSE his work visa is expired. He can still work however, because he filed for renewal over a year ago, but immigration (on both sides of the border) is backed up so its just a simple matter of a waiting game (anyone try to get a passport lately)? AND, he works for the Goverment to boot down there.

That (IF) he's having trouble, it don't mean squat as the reasons. Speculation is a bad reputation people in Saskatchewan have to shake.

Yep. Owned. Definately.

Yep. Owned. Definately.

And... Because I can, here is another funny pic!

And while I am at it... Here is another hint to the Riders as to who they should hire as HC:


It is a car garage.

I don't even know what it is called but APPARANTLY Crandell owns a portion of it as well.

I am not the kind of guy that is afraid to admit when he is owned, I really don't believe I have been owned on this occasion.

I gave the info somebody else told me.
The source was even seemingly credible.
Nobody can find information that proves what I said was false.
At worst, I am guilty of spreading (not starting) rumours.

by the way, I can't belive how badly that blonde bimbo got owned on the track by that black guy!

Yeah... Just some humour. Trust me though, with a guy as important as Fred Perry not being allowed into Canada due to some arrest warrant(s), we would ALL know.